Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preggo Brain Strikes Again

So some of you have already been hearing about my complete loss of sanity that I like to call Preggo Brain. I really believe in it and want to hear your best preggo brain story.

I have had a few good ones over the last few weeks. Mostly just forgetfulness of "where did I put that??" I used to cry at work when I was pregnant with Alex it is so frustrating.

Yesterday was a doozie. I recently bought this juice. I like to drink juice since I try to stay away from coke and caffeinated drinks and you feel a little healthier too, you know. Little did I realize that this is a HIGH energy drink (looked at it today a little closer and has probably 3 times the caffeine of a coke- OMG) and so after drinking one at 4 yesterday- I was up wide awake till 4 am this morning. No joke. Family fued and Cosby show are still so good fyi.
So warning....this is NOT JUST JUICE. Sometimes I can feel so blonde.

Share your best preggo brain story with the team and readers! Cant wait to smile! :) Wish I had a prize to give away or something! I think I know who might win though...Nicole, you must share :)


Kristen said...

oh gosh, that sucks. nights of sleep are precious at this point! i've been waking up at 3:45a with weird anxiety about stupid stuff!! i wish i could just turn my brain off. hormones are so annoying sometimes!

Christy said...

haha...Cassie, that same thing happened to me with that very same drink!! I was not up as long as you though :) I was so mad too because it is quite tasty. I think it may hae splenda in it too?? I found out with kate after only drinking crystal light lemonade for 8 straight weeks that is was full of artificial sweetener. Hmmmmm...I guess the 5 calorie count should have told me that.
I lost my keys for over 4hours to find them on my dryer.....uggggghhh!
Hang in there!

The Scotts said...

That's so weird! I must have felt my name on here or something! ;) goes. Left work for a doctor's appointment at lunch and was talking on the phone to my sister when I returned. Got out, went in, finished my day. Was walking out of the building about 4:30, looking for my car keys. Where are they?? Couldn't find them anywhere! Because. they. were. in. my car. Still running.

Solomon Clan said...

The preggo brain is a tough one! I feel like mine never went away after having Emma.
I think my favorite preggo brain story is when I wore pants backwards all day and did not realize until I got to the doctor's office for a prenatal visit. Yikes!