Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 3 Monterrey Aquarium

Day 3 of our California trip we headed to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. We got off to a rough start- Ellie had a poop blowout and there went her super cute and warm outfit. It also got on my white hoodie but no one told me till the end of the day- really, thanks again guys. And unfortunately, we had to give Alex benedryl at lunch before we got there due to an unexplained allergic reaction. It breaks my heart when that happens because it made him so tired the whole time and I know he didn't enjoy it quite as much. Travis and I discussed that we learned a lot about traveling with Alex on this trip and we feel like we will be better prepared next time. (Things like eating picnic lunches are key)
Anyway, It was a really great aquarium! It was huge! You could spend days there! They have an awesome wing for kids and of course Alex loved it all! We saw so many cool things and had a great time with Honey and Grandpa Steve being with us.

Alright Eliana, where do you want to go first?!

This was cool. It was showing the tide so every few seconds a big wave would crash down over the glass. This was right when we walked up....

and this was right before the next wave came....and then Alex totally freaked when it fell. Crying like a ban-chi. Silly boy.

While the kids conked out in the car we decided to drive on up the coast on the "17 Mile drive". Very interesting! Huge mansions right on the coast and really neat views...although it was quite a cold and foggy day so I don't really see the appeal. If I am going to live on the beach it needs to be hot and sunny! The drive went through Pebble Beach- neat to see the golf course a little- and through Carmel- cutest little ritzy town. It would be fun to go back and shop there!

It was a long and exhausting day but so fun!

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Jenny said...

Yay! Thanks for another trip post! It looks like it went so well! Sorry about the poop blowout, Bekah and I know what that feels like, and it always is, when they are looking their best, isn't it? : ) I love that pic of Alex and Travis in that pod, too cute! I know what you mean about learning so much after going on trips like that too!