Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great labor day weekend that was full of fun!

First off, a Round Rock Express Game! First for Alex and Ellie! :) We went with Honey and Steve and Uncle Matt. The weather was awesome and it made for the perfect night! The kids did great- Alex was so in to the game and was so well behaved! And Eliana did pretty well considering- she was tired and it was pretty loud. Good thing Honey was there to hold her and walk with her! One of the best parts was when Dadda caught one of the toy baseballs they threw out. One handed while holding Alex! Alex was super excited (you just cant tell because he was so tired too)!! We stayed till the fireworks even though we were pushing it with the kids. And of course, Alex did not like them, freaked out, and made me sit in the parking lot with him. Eliana loved them! :) I was nervous about all the peanuts everywhere for Alex's sake but we just made sure that he stayed in our laps and he did just fine.

Then the next day we had Evan's 4th birthday party! It was a Pirate Party with a jumpy house. Leah did another great job of making everything so cute! I am really sad I didn't get a picture of Evan and Alex together but it just wasn't happening. Alex refused to get in the big jump house (scardy cat) but they had a little one that was just his size and he went to town! :)

fun treasure chest cake

All the kids got eye patches in the favor bags so we had a pirate lunch when we got home. :) Alex has been pretty into pirates ever since!

On Monday night we hung out with my family at a little pizza and pool party! It was a quick dip because the weather was actually quite cool but it was fun! This was Eliana's first time in the big pool. It was so fun to be with Kalyn...I have missed her since I have had my hands full with my own! :( She is so big now and just moving everywhere! She will be walking before we all know it!

Can you tell it was cold? Alex's lil lips are purple! :) He didn't seem to care and kept saying "2 more minutes"!


Jenny said...

First of all Cassie, you look wonderful! Couldn't even tell you have had 2 kids! : ) And you are right, Kayln is lovely! She looks alot like Joe I think : ). That pirate party is such a good idea, love the pic od Alex in the eye patch! Teehee! Just one more reason I would love a little brother for Bekah . . . : ). You are so blessed to have one of each Cassie : ).

Solomon Clan said...

Love the pirate pic of Alex. So cute! Your parents have some very cute grandkids!

Rob and Leah said...

Glad he liked the eyepatch...cute picture. Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend!