Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

This years Christmas got off with a rough start. Alex got sick and it quickly became another wheezing episode. We rushed in to the doctor Thursday afternoon right before they closed for the holiday. Thank goodness too because it was pretty serious. We got him on breathing treatments and a steroid. This time they realized that we are looking at asthma (since we just did all this a month ago!). Well, they still won't give him the label "asthma" but thats pretty much what we are calling it. So they put him on a preventative inhaler that he will do two times a day everyday. We are praying this is mainly a winter problem.

So, needless to say we were just hoping he would be well enough to celebrate Christmas. He did get better fast but was still sick- bad cough, tired, just not feeling good. On top of that the meds make him crazy. Like really fidgety crazy. And moody. grumpy moody. And the first night it made him have sleep issues where he was up every hour almost. Poor guy took like the longest nap ever on Christmas Eve and we had to wake him up to go eat dinner at my parents house. Church was not even an option. It made me so sad that he didn't feel well, because I know on normal circumstances he would LOVE everything about Christmas. So, I guess I just feel the need to preface all the photos with that- he was NOT feeling well. And it showed. His answer to any question was "nope." simple as that. I have had to come to terms that God doesn't always have the same plan we do.
Besides all that junk, we had a wonderful time and just a wonderful Christmas! Just another reminder of how God has truly blessed us!

We made it over to my parents' house for Christmas Eve. We celebrated with some rousing renditions of Christmas Carols- Alex insisted on "playing" (aka banging) on the piano with Nani as my Dad played guitar. This was probably the highlight of his holiday he loved it so much!

Daddy and Ellie, already dressed for bed in her Santa pjs
I didn't get many pictures (well, in my opinion) because it was quite difficult to find the hands to pick up the camera this year, between the two kids and everything else. And a certain two year old was not even close to going to cooperate for pictures. I didn't even really try.

We spent the night over at Nani's house and it was fun to have everyone all together like old times. And we got to have the kids walk down in order (its a tradition, youngest to oldest) in the morning to see what Santa brought.

Santa brought Eliana and Kalyn matching princess bikes. Because as we all know, the girls will always want what the other has- right Brie? :) And even if you give them the same thing, they will find a way to want the other one's.

Santa brought Alex a scooter! and a Cars helmet! He was so excited (even though this doesn't really show it) and wanted to do some test drives right away! More on this scooter later.
checking out his stocking loot, which by the way- isn't it beautiful! thanks nani!! (she has one down and two to go!)
Ellie got toothpaste and toothbrush in her stocking, just what she wanted!

it's really the little things that make this one happy

We got Alex a fire station/truck and rescue guys set (Fisher Price Imaginex- highly recommend it!) This was him actually jumping for joy as he chanted "open it! open it" as Auntie Jo and Daddy frantically tried to open the set. Seriously, do they have to make those things so difficult!?!

this is what Alex did pretty much the rest of the day. and everyday since.

Ellie got a fun lion activity table, the perfect toy for lil missy who loves to stand and play right now
and then the girls took naps and it was a little quieter...ah.

cousin kalyn was cute and cozy, and into EVERYTHING :)
my brother Chad, looking oh so handsome, with Grandmother. I just love this picture.
and this one. its a classic sight. we all wanted to do this by the afternoon but we were not all that lucky. poor grandmother always sleeps on the couch and so we end up playing in her "room"
a special time with Papa

lets playand one more guitar session

and to prove that I was actually there...greasy hair and all. you know its a rule that you cant shower on Christmas right?!


Kristen said...

so sorry that alex was so sick over christmas! it is hard when you want everything to be just perfect for that day.
it looks like you guys had a special time anyways though!
those cousins are too cute together!

Solomon Clan said...

Oh little Alex. So sorry he was sick. Hopefully he outgrows the "asthma."

Love the comment about no showers on Christmas. I always thought I was alone in that tradition. Glad you all had a beautiful Christmas!

Paige Reynolds said...

I love Alex's Christmas stocking- my mom sewed that exact kind for all of us, and she's going to make Ray's too. So sorry to hear about Alex- new medicine is never fun :( Glad yall ended up having a wonderful Christmas!

rebekah l. louis said...

WONDERFUL pic of you and alex! sorry he was a sick one- you are all such troopers! love the family sing-a-long and that you all spent the night at your parents. looks like you had a great christmas cause you were with family.

Kristen said...

Besides Alex being sick it looks like you really had a great Christmas. I will be hoping for you that it is only a winter thing!