Friday, January 21, 2011

Party Party Party

We have had several celebrations over the last all started with a trip to San Antonio to celebrate my dear friend Cathy's upcoming arrival of her first baby! Hudson Grant to be specific- dont you love that! Ellie accompanied me on the trip and did a great job. She slept on the drives and was a trooper when I needed her to be and she had fun at the Bass house. It makes such a difference when we can stay with people that have kids. It was sooo great to get to spend some time with Carla's lil ones too, especially letting Ellie and Andrew get some good face time. I am pretty sure I even remember a make-out session. She knows a cutie when she sees one!

I love seeing my girls as always! We always want more time and we miss the ones that are not there.

This was at Cathy's Baby Shower. Ellie was kind enough to let Jenny hold her for a minute. Other than that the girl stuck to me like glue.

We celebrated cousin Kalyn's birthday at the begining of December. Ellie was a mess that day. It was nap time and she ended up falling asleep on me at the party- unheard of!

Its fun to be at something with babies Ellie's age.
Kalyn was a pro cake eater! Just the way it should be!
Happy Birthday precious girl! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and get to watch you grow! I know this is the first birthday party of so many more to come and we can't wait! We love you!!!
We also went to Ella Kate's first birthday party but I was on my own with the two kids so I didn't get any pictures. I was lucky to survive and throw a few snacks in my mouth :). BUT Leah threw a precious! adorable! cute cute cute! Paris Poodle party! (btw, great theme for my college poodles) Check it out!! Happy Birthday to the sweetest neighbor that is sure to be Eliana's best friend! We have loved getting to see you grow up this year! And steal all your fashion ideas! ;)

We also celebrated sweet Emma's 3rd birthday with our old playgroup. It was kind of a reunion since we never get to see them anymore. I miss these girls and their sweet little ones! (Baby Abby needed a holder so mommy Kristen kindly obliged.)

oh, if only they all just sat there, like this, again

Meg is saying that she likes her shoes. oh wait, I have those too! :) Ellie is asking to borrow her adorable skirt.
soccer break for snack
mommy's new haircut

best party favor ever! :)

And this wasn't a party but it very well could have been :) My Aunt Beth came through on a quick visit with her youngest two, Ryan and Alyssa. They are like cousins to Alex and we always have a great time playing! Well, Alex loves them. I think they get a little annoyed with him since he is all over them excited!

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Sarah and Eric said...

Lots of fun parties! How funny, I saw your picture with all the mommies and babies behind the couch and I used to teach with Kaitlyn and Cameron. How do you know them? Crazy small world we are living in!