Monday, January 24, 2011

lets go outside!

the other day was beautiful and it had been a long time coming! We were so happy to get out and play!
there's a new fireman in town


alex wanted a turn too


Shelby said...

Cute pictures as usual.. Ellie seems so much more advanced than Tyler.. he would slide right out of that cozy coupe!! I do see more of you in her in those pics!

Kristen said...

come on sunshine!! never thought i'd say i'm ready for it to warm up a little!

Kristen said...

Loving the outdoors! Eliana looks so cute in the firetruck!

Cassie said...

shelby, we have a floor that pops in the cozy coupe so she cant fall through, and I lock the door. but now she wants to stand up and crawl out!