Monday, January 3, 2011

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

and yes, I realize that I am really into Christmas songs as titles. I really like Christmas music.

This year we decided to NOT get out our behemoth of a Christmas tree. We just don't have the space and Eliana would just want to be all up in it anyway. So we opted to buy this Charlie Brown of a tree and put it on the end table. Much easier than the big tree but not as pretty at all. It made me sad but I know that it is just a season. We will get the big pretty tree out again someday.

One week before Christmas Day we decided to have dinner by candlelight. We lit up the Christmas windmill (yes, just like on Christmas Vacation. ha.) Travis grew up lighting one like this on Christmas day but I always feel like you don't get to really enjoy it because it is so crazy opening presents and all. Anyway, Alex LOVED it! It is fun to watch it spin and, because it has Christ's birth story on it, it made for another good discussion. and it made for a very peaceful dinner actually along with some beautiful Christmas music (no, this time Fruitcake was not on the playlist, Celine Dion all the way). We are thinking it would be a great tradition!

My friend Leah shared with me that she does a really fun advent "calendar". She has 25 Holiday activities planned for the month, types them up, and clips them on a festive clothesline. Some are little things like watching Christmas movies and some are big like going on a carriage ride downtown. If you keep them secret (like folded up) then you could just move the activities around based on your schedule since it is hard to plan out everything in advance. The kids wont know. I think it is just a great idea! Next year when Alex is a little older it will be perfect! Here is a list of ideas you could use (she always wants to add that she got the list from a friend, but I keep telling her that we all steal ideas, right?!)
Decorate the/a Christmas tree
Get out the Nativity Scene
Christmas Movie and Popcorn Night (this is such a good one, it may have to go twice!)
Make paper snowflakes (or another craft- this is another that could be specific crafts and could be done multiple days)
Eat dinner by candlelight
Make cards for teachers
Buy presents for family
Buy food for food pantry and deliver it
Make treats for neighbors and deliver them
MOPS Christmas playdate
Write letter to Santa
Read special/new Christmas books
Eat Pancakes for dinner
Sit on Santa's lap
Go out for ice cream or hot cocoa
Chrstimas Program at school
Take carriage ride
Go to live nativity
Make cookies for Santa
Visit nursing home
Roast Marshmallows in backyard (they let us join them for this and it was so fun!)
Visit Dad at his office
Wear PJs to school
Go look at Christmas lights
Christmas Eve Service
A little Merry Christmas from Team Isaacson to you! Our devoted readers!
We are so glad that you stop by!

(on a sidenote, since I clearly talked it up like I worked at shutterfly, I was not as happy with these cards. I felt like the printing was not as clear and color off. you may think I am crazy. that's ok. next year it will be Tiny Prints for us I think!)

and one of the littlest reindeer to wrap it up
our actual Christmas post coming next! promise!!


Kristen said...

We did the little tree too. The big one would be a huge hassle with the little ones. I've heard the idea about doing advent activities and it sounds great. We are going to try it next year too!

Solomon Clan said...

Love the list of activities! I totally need to bookmark that. Love your little tree, too! Every year I tell Andy that I want a tiny tree and somehow we end up with a big one.

Kristen said...

we went with no tree the year annie was 14 months at christmas... will probably have to go with something little next year when meg is 18 months at christmas. sad, but you're right, it is just a season, plenty of years left for big trees!
and i don't know what your talking about with your card! yours was def one of my favorite this year.