Sunday, April 17, 2011

It was a VERY Hoppy Birthday

Lets see how many cheesy lines I can get out of this theme! :)

We love these peeps and love that they made the party sooo special!

when did our babies get so big?!

I tried REAL hard to make a group pic was a pipe dream. But this is pretty darn close!
Ella Kate, Tyler, Alex, Eliana, Evan, Madison, and Kalyn (only missing Brennan)

but I did get this sweet one of him and his daddy Evan ready to hop on home
this cutie is easily bribed with treats :)

they look way too relaxed right?!

somehow the party moved outside and quickly became a water gun party....

and have you ever seen such a stylish soccer player?! she has been paying attention at big brothers games!

the tuptate... as Alex saysshe took the singing very seriously. :) she is so timid. I swear she smiles and laughs all the time though! I love this shot that shelby got. shelby is so good and I am envious of her fancy new camera. someday maybe!

I like this "real" picture looking back at the crowd, you can see why it was a little overwhelming for the girl

she was lovin' her some cake in no time

i love this one of her looking at Chad...she was so glad he put together her new bouncing turtle from cousin Kalyn

we got her a chair of her own so that she doesn't have to fight the bro for his anymore...yet, now he wants her's. go figure. also showing off her precious cupcake bloomers- love! :)

Happy Birthday Eliana! We love you!!


Kristen said...

The party looked great, love all the food and decorations and of course I LOVE that birthday girl! She looked adorable in her outfit you and your made. Wish we could have been there.

Shelby said...

Oh my goodness Cassie! I love this post!!! Adorable photo you took of Madison. I'm so stealing it! I wish I had more photos for you of the party. A lot just didn't turn out because I was trying to not use my flash. I'm still learning. :) You did such a great job!!

Jenny said...

Cassie, it was so precious! I love those bloomers, love the ears for everyone and you are right, that pic that Shelby got of her is incredible! It's a blog topper! So glad that the day was such a success, way to go mommy!

Rob and Leah said...

Great pictures! Leave it to our boys to make it a water gun party. Sorry...Evan probably initiated that! Love the cake pictures of Ellie!

Kristen said...

What a great party! How did they get so big?? I love the pic with the Mommies and the babies :) And those bloomers are adorable!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Love it! And I got Brennan a water gun today. :)

heather said...

You are all so adorable! And what an adorable party. I love the invitation. The bunny theme is just perfect. Hope to see you again soon! Hoppy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!