Thursday, April 14, 2011

Somebunny is ONE!

I don't know how it happened or when it happened...I think I was stuck in a time warp...but my baby girl is one!
We had a small party with a few neighbors and family. It was still crazy fun! Somehow a little party seems big when the kids per family double in number and size! and when family alone is a big party! Trust me, I wanted to invite you all but our lil house just couldn't take much more. And we really kept trying to say "just a lil party"

I am going to break the party up into a few posts just to make it not quite so long.

I chose bunnies because, duh, its Easter/Spring and I knew it would be easy (key!!) plus super cute and girly. And I totally copied my friend Jenny who did this theme last year for her lil girl turning one. :)

One detail that I didn't plan was the wild bunny that showed up in our backyard that morning! It was too funny! It hid between the fence and shed, scared to death, the whole party but it was fun to know that it was there! The kids all liked looking at it and we left him some veggies. It was just totally random considering we have never had a bunny in our yard! Okay, moving on.

It started with the invite that I made (totally recreated one off of Shutterfly and printed it myself for way cheaper)

Some deco. I have to add that I got a Cricut for Christmas and this is kinda what spurred me to even do deco. I swore I wouldn't go all out for a first birthday but one thing led to another and it just happened. I can't explain it. It's a problem. :)

high chair banner
Bear pictures

Ellie's dress...My mom made it! I love that. I found the dress on Etsy and had her recreate it. I cut and sewed on the little bunny and wah-lah!

The table- well, I didnt get a real good picture. of course. This is probably the best I got. Its okay because, truly, I am so thankful for this man. He is such a great helper! Couldn't have done it without him! :) He wouldn't admit it but he even helped me on the banner some one late night. love ya babe!
the cupcakes...recipe coming in a later post!

The favors- I took this at the last minute after I had passed out all the bunny ears (they were in the center vase) and given out some of the favors already so the table is looking a little sad now. But you get the idea. Carrot treat bags for the kids (holding a "booboo bunny", a bendy bunny toy, jellybeans, bunny fruit snacks, and bunny stickers) and bunny peeps and jelly beans for the grownups.

I had a lot of fun with all of the planning and it totally turned out like I dreamed it to be! :) All for my special lil girl!

....anyone want to buy a bunny party in a bag!? :) I could totally hook you up!


Shelby said...

It was just adorable! What a special day!!

Kristen said...

ADORABLE!!! i am so jealous of your cricut! can i hire you to plan and execute meg's birthday?

Jenny said...

Cassie, it all turned out wonderfully! I am SOOOO impressed with you! And I loved your shout out to Travis, so sweet! Your mom did an awesome job with that beautiful dress and way to go on the bunny too! Can't believe you had a real bunny attend your party, icing on the cake of a perfect party, huh?? Oh and you look so pretty and happy in your pic with Travis, I love your shirt!

Solomon Clan said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie! Love that little dress!

Carla said...

Too cute Cassie! Looks like it was really fun :)

Rob and Leah said...

You did a great job and it was a special day! I am continually impressed with your craftiness!

Spicy Magnolia said...

It's so fun to see pictures since I wasn't able to be there. It looks amazing, Cassie! What a special day.

Ashley said...

LOVE Ellie's dress and all of the cute decos!

Lindsey said...

Are you still offering to sell your bunny in a bag??? I have a little one turning one in april and am considering a bunny theme... Found your blog by goggling bunny party ideas!