Monday, April 18, 2011


So, my goal for the party was for it to be completely safe for my kiddos- no egg, dairy, or peanuts. Not that Alex would eat it all (I did know that both kids would be eating cake) but it is nice to know that its all safe no matter what they get into and that there would be no accidents. I also wanted it to be well rounded with food everyone would want to eat! It needs to taste good! :)

So I set out to make dairy free ranch dip... and guys, it was sooo good! Everyone seemed to love it and I think they would have never known if I hadn't had it labeled and told them. It was super easy too!

Dairy Free Egg Free Ranch Dip
1 cup Vegenaise (see below)
1/4 cup soy or rice milk
1 pkt generic hill country fare ranch dip (if you dont have HEB, check the generic version at your local store, or follow this recipe and be fancy with putting in the real herbs and spices)

Mix altogether and chill.
I actually split (roughly) the recipe and it was plenty for our party.
yes, I know what you are thinking. sounds weird. gross. but really, it tastes like real mayo and makes for some good ranch. the only downside is the price. its a pretty penny.

I also put some of this out to dip in too. This is one of my favorite dressings and it is also dairy and egg free! LOVE it!! Alex won't go near it. :(

What had to be egg and dairy free was the cake. Alex is in to cake now and of course Ellie was going to have cake. The days of separate cakes is over. Its too much work and not worth it. Alex wants what we are all having.
I had read that you could add Sprite to a box mix and that it would turn out, but I was hesitant. Well, low and behold it is true and it is delicious!
I found that Duncan Hines Moist deluxe cake mixes are dairy free (all except the vanilla, go figure, so Strawberry it is!)
Add 10 oz. of 7Up or Sprite and I added a small cup of applesauce to help it stick together a little better. Mix and bake according to box. I mean, it doesn't get easier than that!
I topped it with Pillsbury Strawberry Icing!

I am so not winning any baker of the year prizes or my own cooking show on the Food Network but I dont care. This is how I do cakes!
and I hope yall know that I am sharing not to get kudos or anything but to help others who may be in my shoes.


rebekah l. louis said...

girl, you deserve a shout out to yourself. i'm sure having 2 kids with food allergies is quite the challenge.

the party was oh so cute! eliana is such a beautiful one year old! great family pic in the previous post. and the party favors were adorable, as was her dress!!!

Crystal said...

Cassie - I actually make the "soda-pop cakes" all the time instead of following the recipe. It is healthier and just as good. I'll e-mail you all the different soda and cake combinations for you to try! :)
I love the bunny theme - so cute!!

Shelby said...

Jason is still talking about this cake!!

lisa said...

I think that's great! Jack is also allergic to peanuts and eggs (whites) but doesn't seem to be bothered when it's in something like cake. So glad you've found ways for them to have regular stuff!

Kristen said...

Love it! We use Vegenaise instead of mayonnaise and it is great! I will have to try the cake idea...that sounds so easy.