Friday, June 3, 2011

Alex is 3!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! :)
You have made it through everyone elses birthday and FINALLY it was YOUR birthday!

You keep reminding me "I'm big!" and "I getting bigger!" ...and as much as I say "yes! you are big!" enthusiastically, a part of me is so sad that you are growing up so quickly. But I know there is so much to look forward to...2 and a half was rough (to say it nicely), and so far I am loving 3! You are fun, funny, sweet, inquisitive, and love life. Dont get me wrong you are sweet one minute and sour the next like any other toddler, making day to day always interesting. (Shelby put it so well)

But I will focus on the positive. I love your sweet head on my shoulder, wrap your legs around my waist, hugs and little quick kisses. I love to hear you say I love you. I love the way you share with Ellie, and even sometimes Daddy and me. I love your laugh and your precious real big smile. You are my silly coo coo bird.

You are potty trained! Yay!! You can hold it for forever so we sometimes still have arguments about when to "go" but you seem to always make it in the nick of time! You even wake up in the middle of the night to go. Not so fun for mom but really great.

You have been through more phases this year than we can keep up with. Its been a year of Cars Movie, to Toy Story, to drums, to Hockey, to Baseball, to pirates, to spaceships. And when you like something, you obsess about it. Its fun to encourage and live up each phase before you are on to the next one! Thankfully, you are back to Cars currently because of Cars2 coming out soon. I love this because you will play cars on the couch for hours. Mommy bliss. ;)

You learned how to pedal your tricycle. Pretty sure you learned this at school because you could do it all of a sudden one day. So stinkin' cute to watch you love to "ride your bike" around the block. Here is a link to our school friend Evan S.' blog where she posted about Dessert with Daddy night. She has a clip of the boys on the tricycle merri go round thingy (thats the official name by the way)

Speaking of school. This year has been huge for you in the school department. It taught you to be away from Mom which is probably the biggest accomplishment. You have learned your ABCs, numbers, colors, and so much more. I realized recently that we need to work on shapes. ;) You must have been absent those days. Your speech took off and now we cant get you to stop! Overall, I think you really enjoyed school. Although you are loving summer and not having to go. :)

You hate to get dressed. You hate to brush teeth. You hate to have your hair combed. You hate to put on shoes. Makes for a fun morning.

When you potty trained you learned to undress. It was funny because I would turn around for a minute and you would strip down before I could turn back. You fully undress yourself every night for bath and you are so proud. Getting dressed is a little tricky. But you would choose to do it yourself if you could. You suddenly have a strong opinion about what you wear. And you recently decided that you hate pants and long sleeves- fine for summer but there were a few cold snaps there where you would have frozen in shorts. You make us roll your pajama pants up. (I had just bought him new pajamas before he shared this new info with us)

You keep us laughing with the things that come out of your mouth. Seriously funny stuff. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes because you mispronounce things and sometimes because you just don't understand things. I am keeping track of your best stuff and will be posting that soon. You went through a stage a few months ago I like to call the "why?" days. It was brutal. Why this and why that! ALL DAY LONG. No kidding they could hire you to torture prisoners and I am sure you could make the toughest crumble like a cookie. Here is a sample of what I am talking about.
Driving home from school...
A- see that yard guy
Me- yeah, he is mowing the grass
A- why?
Me- because the grass was getting long
Me- because the grass grows after it rains
A- why?
you get the idea. I shut it down with a super long summary of how God made the rain and the rain causes the grass to grow and we cut it with the lawn mower so that it wont itch our legs when we walk there and it seemed to finally suffice him and I gave a silent hoo raw. Thankfully your "whys" are a little more reasonable now days.

You are very good at well...."just one more show." "just one more tiny cookie." "just one more book."

Your Stats from the doc-
weight- 29 lbs (25%)
height- 37 1/2 in (50%)

My interview with you....
favorite color- green. NO! blue.

favorite food- yellow cookies (Golden Oreos)
I will add bean and "cheese" tacos, fruit snacks, and cinnamon toast crunch. I know you are shocked that carrots and broccoli are not on the list.

best friend- Ellie (I mean really. Does it get any better?!) Then when we went to the Doctor and she asked him he said Evan. (okay, maybe he was trying to get more yellow cookies with the sister answer)

favorite place to go out to eat- Whataburger (maybe because thats the only place we take him, sorry kid. he does think that he likes Chuys too. But kid can spot a whataburger a mile away! and he plays pretend they always go to Whataburger. Today the orange trash truck was the Whataburger. Anything orange is "kinda like Whataburger")

favorite tv show- Curious George (this is another thing that changes with the wind)

buzz or woody- BUZZ

favorite toy to play with- new spaceship
funny story bout that....for months now he has wanted this spaceship because he saw it at the toy store. constantly thinking that it would be a prize or a gift for someone else. we told him that maybe he could have it for his birthday. the sad thing is that I knew he wouldn't really play with it but there was so much hype, we HAD to get it for him. and as much as he loves it, he really doesnt play with it that much. funny kid.

Your birthday DAY...
It was a great day! Woke up to balloons in your room and wanted them in your bed!

Then you rolled around in them, kicked them, and played with them for a good while (returning later in the day to play more).

Waffles with a side of ice cream for breakfast please!

Water balloons while Ellie took her nap.
You can see where this was going.

Daddy came home at lunch from his work trip to St. Louis. Fun in itself but he also brought home these sticks. Really? great idea Daddy.

Present time! Closing his eyes- he loves this and it was his idea

Ellie was super jealous

THE spaceship!!!!!!!!!!

We had one happy three year old!

The day ended with a birthday dinner at where else but...Whataburger. Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you!!


Rob and Leah said...

Love that post. Love your interview with him. He's such a sweet, cute, and fun little boy. Glad Evan's not the only one with phases and obsession about them!! Makes me feel better.

Solomon Clan said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! Those smiles are larger than life. And I love that you still do the Teddy bear pictures.

Todd and Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Such a sweet post.

Jenny said...

That was an awesome post for those of us who don't get to see Alex as much as we would LOVE to! Happy Birthday to such a special little guy with soooo much personality! Wish I could be around it more! All the details were awesome cassie, especially the "why" conversation, I am bracing myself, I know it is coming soon! : ) Love you guys!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!! What a great are so good at keeping track of all his milestones. He is such a big boy now :)

rebekah l. louis said...

Alex, I think you are one cool fellow! Love hearing about how awesome you are. Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday!