Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to School!

We are off to a great start this year! Alex is loving his new school! We switched him to the preschool at our church to better make it our home. He did great on the first day with no tears! 100% improvement from last year!
He was most excited about using his new nap mat. (Old school didn't take naps) This is crazy talk since he doesnt nap. I think he realized after the first day.
The second day he was a little more hesitant and we had some tears but not anything that lasted longer than a minute after I was out the door.
my attempt at a sibling shot...its all love here
Ellie and I have been enjoying our one on one time! We went shoe shopping the second day and had fun!

I have been so enjoying picking Alex up everyday and hearing all about it! He is so much better about remembering and verbalizing what happened at school. He is signing songs he learned there even! He was VERY proud that he knew his teachers names- Miss Sharon and Miss Susan. I think they worked on it a lot the second day. (They happen to be twin sisters.) He does seem to be doing the art and writing too! I will have to post some of the cute stuff coming home in his folder.
our first homework assignment. mommy was pleased with her work
The other day he says on the way home- Does Ellie want to play guns? Me- No I dont think so. Why? A- Cause my teacher says we have to play guns at home.
Great. I have that kid. I swear we don't promote guns here!

This was Ellie on her "first day of school"- I have decided to do the Moms group at the church and so Ellie went to her "class" that day. She did great and I was so proud of her! and really, could she be any cuter! She wanted to wear her backpack!

Since those early days Alex has not been a fan of going to school really. He is such a homebody and still hates to get ready in the morning. BUT everyday when I pick him up he says that school was FUN! and has a smile on his face! Well, all but Tuesday when I was like a minute late and he was worried about me coming to get him! :( oops! Mom of the year I tell you!


Kristen said...

LOVE that school is back in session! It is so nice to spend time with just the little one. The sibling picture is priceless! And I think I'm going to have to get Dawson a backpack, he wants one every day we take Kenzie to school.

Katie said...

Interesting tidbit - Sharon and Susan were the names of the twins in Parent Trap.

Shelby said...

So glad ya'll are at COP.. maybe they'll be in the same class next year! :)

Jenny said...

i love hearing about your time with ellie, how sweet! and i love that you spent one of your first days, shoe shopping! teach em young! : ) oh, and what a darling dress she has on too! : ) ava and bekah approve for sure! i love his nap matt, did you make it??