Tuesday, September 20, 2011

summer fun with Alex

I have not forgotten about you bubba...we have had a fun fun summer and I just need to throw a few random pics up about it all!

First Movie Theater Experience- Cars2. You were timid but super excited and did really great! This event was followed up by another trip to Cars2 with Papa and then a trip with Daddy to see Pooh. (Sweet part was that they tried to see Rio and it was sold out and Alex cried. Not bratty cry but sad cry. So Travis took him to see Pooh at the other theater. I mean, really, just broke your heart. He told me all about it when he got home- Momma, they sold out. No more tickets.)

lots of trips to HEB...this was the day I stupidly got you the car cart like you wanted. never again. but yall were cute! (this is sooo old! I can tell bc ellie has NO hair!)
You love the pool. Hands down fav summer activity. Loved your goggles and this day decided that you would prepare by eating lunch in them. :) I love ya!

We went bowling for the first time! with some new friends- his daddy is an old friend of mine from middle school! If you know Andy Boerckel, you know this is his boy! :) Anyway, it was so fun! and you loved it once you got the hang of the ramp. I should have known since you love all sports!

We did some baking...you are really into it now and LOVE to lick the spoon, bowl, and everything you can get your grubby lil fingers on. One benefit of dairy and egg free baking is there is no worry with this! and its encouraged you to try new things including chocolate- which you have learned that you like! yay!

We went to the circus! Met up with our good friend the Stacers before the show! It was all fun! and only doubled your interest in animals! (BTW, I was really impressed with the show! They couldn't be more right with the slogan- a show for all ages!) Ellie did...okay....the people behind us probably hated us. She liked it all but it was so much it was a little bit of overload. Just tried to shove food and drink in her most of the time.
Totatlly stole these pics from Kathryn.
Alex wasn't in the mood for pictures that day. He was way more interested in the 25$ spinner souvenirs.

Most mornings you could find us cruisin' the hood since Alex learned that he could go all around our neighborhood circle on his bike! It was great to get out before it was too hot and let him get some energy out.

your love for sports is incredible really. you love to read sports illustrated at the table just like Daddy. And you get excited when the new one comes!

we did a lot of indoor baseball, among other sports, and you are pretty good too. yes, this is why my house is so boring decor wise. we live in a gym I tell you.

we got a super fun package from the fam in California that included this large zoo animals. The kids were in love at first sight! Alex has since been obsessed with them and plays with them daily. He also has adopted "lion and cheetah" to be his posse going everywhere with us and to bed with him every night. He has been asking to go to the zoo a lot lately and I assure him we will be there soon (as soon as it cools off just a little more).

You started wanting me to take your picture if you think you look funny or cute or I dont know...but I will take it! Then you always want to see what you look like and you smile the biggest smile!

You are my best buddy and I love ya to pieces lil one. I wouldn't trade hanging out with you all day for anything!

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Solomon Clan said...

Alex, I think the best part of baking is licking the bowl and spoon, too! Love the big update on Alex. He is growing so much. I don't even know if I would recognize him! Cassie, I think he looks just like you! Such a cute little man!