Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ellie Love

since I cant keep up with the monthly posts I will just forget the title and consider this an update :)

Ellie will be 17 months next week. This was her 16 month picture (Aggie to celebrate school and football starting! Whoop!)

I am annoyed because this is my second time to write this seeing as the first time it got deleted. Don't they know I don't have time for this.

Here is some video I took last month. Most of it is old news, stuff she has been doing for a while, but I am horrible at remembering what to ask. Maybe I should plan it next time before I turn the camera on. What a concept. Still, I think she is cuter than pie no matter what she says.

A few notes-

- doing really well on words. I was a little worried after her 15 mo. appointment because she really wasnt talking consistently. I asked the dr if animal sounds counted as words- eek! :) so we started to focus on it and she has just taken off...loves to be a little parrot! nothing sweeter than her soft wittle voice. the big difference in her and Alex is that she will try- maybe not even close but she is trying to talk so much more than he did at this age

- going vertical. climbing on the couch and its driving me mad!! It started with climbing on their lil chairs...those get locked up often now. Alex is a horrible example and is egging her on. They are starting to team up on me....get my room ready at the loony bin. She also loves to climb into Alex's bed. Its a pretty cool spot to read!

-obsessed with standing on the stool. Had to get her her own this month. She loves brushing teeth and looking at herself in the happy she dances and sings! (Lots of precious pics of this to come!) Its also a good way to get her to eat. She thought she was stealing off the counter but we set it up for her.

- likes to break and pull apart her food before eating it. think it's a copy mommy thing. and all of a sudden, you will get a big melt down if you try to feed her- she is all about miss independent

- still on two naps a day really, until she decides to rebel and throw me for a loop for the day, then we have one cranky baby girl at dinner

- its been so fun that you can follow simple directions, and so cute that you are so proud of yourself. you strut with your head held high and a huge grin! and you love to go show "stuff" to people. I mean, adorable.

- more and more copying Alex. including pretending to lean and pee on the back of the house with him, wants to wear his underwear and shoes (pics to come!), raising her hand when we ask "who wants to ____?!", playing with all his "boy" toys of cars, police men, dinos, and pirates

-always pulling things out of drawers and making a lil tornado. loves to get the band aides out

-Alex is her best bud. They really have fun together now and miss each other when they are gone.

-loves to read books and is very opinionated about which ones. She will shake her head no and shove the book out of the way if it is not the one she wants you to read. The whole "shaking head no" is a new thing, cute as can be, but could be trouble. I love it when she grabs a book and backs up into my lap for me to read to her.

- she is a good eater most of the time! Eats more than Alex really! They get the same plate and I have to tell Alex that Ellie is going to beat him to get him to eat, and its true! Faster and more!

- not afraid to get dirty (Unlike brother who said, and I quote, "no, I don't want to get my hair dirty" oh dear.) What is summer without a good mud pie?!


sarah said...

Sweet, sweet girl! Cute videos - I like the "get crazy" wiggles... need to teach Kate that one! Looking forward to her mirror pics.

Kathryn said...

I'm sorry, did you steal my children? Seriously, you could be talking about Evan and Caitlin!! Funny how alike Evan/Alex and Caitlin/Ellie are! So cute Ellie. You and Caitlin can have some girl time on Friday :)

Tana said...

She is so precious, Cassie! Beautiful!

Jenny said...

Those videos were awesome and she is the most precious little thing! i miss her and I wish i knew the next time I would see her! She is so fun, and determined and smart and darling Cassie!