Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun FotoS Friday

A little recap of fun times in January...

Ellie needs a cape too
we love a picnic lunch on the patio
oh, I am loving my new lens
diaper box races, poor Ellie on her turn to push
who thinks they love Star Wars?!
she wants to be just like you
beauty shop- my hair has never looked better
and she has never looked so beautiful ;)

we loved having daddy home at New Years

lunch in the front of the TV and wrestling on the couch- I cant competesomebody wants to be a big girl
I have no words for this silly boy
fun with friends

btw, can I get a what! what! for being back on the blog!? maybe its more that I am putting off anything remotely physical :)


Kristen said...

yes!! i am so glad you are blogging again! those beautiful kids are getting so grown up.

rebekah l. louis said...

heck yeah, you can get a what what!!!