Sunday, February 19, 2012

family and the force

Its funny because I think I can trace Alex's interest in Star Wars back to this visit of Holly and Zachary from two years ago...this years visit was no exception of fun. But this time the interest has stuck and we are officially obsessed. He has claimed he knows all about Star Wars in the previous months but up until now he really has had no clue more than they fight with light sabers.

Holly was very kind and shared her wealth of Star Wars knowledge along with letting him play with Zachary's guys.

We had a great time visiting with Holly and Zachary and love them dearly. They are always so kind to come see us (so we don't have to travel to Houston). Zachary is getting so big and so grown up. He was intersted in my pregnancy and had great insight...he asked when the baby is coming, and I said that we don't really know but March 19th is my due date. He thought about this quietly and came back with that God will decide when the baby is coming and he will choose the right time. Wow. Thank you Zachary. What an amazing spirit you have. You are so right. He then decided to rest his head on the belly and later rest his feet in my lap as we lounged on the couch together. Such a loving, sweet boy. I didn't mind a bit. I also felt a little guilty because his true love, Eliana, was having no such thing in touching him. She was a bit overwhelmed with his "enthusiasm". ;)

"the force" only continued from there...
Luckily, Alex went to Honey's house the other day and she got down all her boys' old Star Wars toys that she saved. Alex was in HOG HEAVEN! She very graciously let him bring home a few but I am told that it was quite the deal session deciding which ones. He will tell you that the storm "poopers" are his favorite ;) gotta love it!

I also found a book at the library and it is really good for this age and learning about the story and characters. Alex maybe read it (asked someone to read it to him) 10 times the first 2 days. I will admit that I learned a thing or two myself and it wasn't too painful.

It has only fueled the fire but its fun to see him so excited about something! You can guess that more guys and light sabers are on the birthday list!


Kristen said...

So fun! Has he seen the movie yet? I had a friend whose son was four and she finally let him watch it. I wish Kenzie had a passion for something...she is so fickle!

Holly said...

Yeah, Star Wars! Learning about it wasn't too painful for me either. And I can't believe he still likes it, and the boys at school. We took Z to see the 3D last weekend. He loved it!