Monday, February 27, 2012

Nothing says love like a buffalo, a new roof, and music

Alex got a buffalo for Valentines Day (and a life savor apparently)
Sadly, this is the only picture I took of him all day since he went to school and it was a crazy day (and no, he didnt wear those shorts, but those are his favorite so I let him change into them when he got home. a true valentine present.)
A moment of true love and appreciation
Ellie had a fun Valentines Day going to Music Class...
dancing with her best friend Ella Kate
and hanging out at Nani's for the day, which was fun and special alone but it was also because, lucky me, I got a new roof for Valentines day! yep, thats what happens when you have been married for a while. ;)

this is not valentines, but it shows who her valentine is...Alex. The girl loves him sooo much. They have so much fun dancing and being silly in the car. It fills my heart with joy.

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