Thursday, February 2, 2012


Honey and Grandpa Steve came over to help us paint Alex's room. Ellie will be joining him soon and we felt like it would be nice to change the bright blue to something a little more neutral and calming...hope the kids get that memo! and if we need to put the house on the market, its a better idea too! so beige it is...I will have to post the final product soon when we get Ellie's bed set up.
Honey is a master painter. Seriously. Ellie was very concerned about her "dirty" pants though.

Grandpa was on kid duty and he always does a great job. Ellie really likes him and his beard :)

I was feeling bored the other day and decided to do some valentine painting with Ellie while Alex was in school. I guess I was feeling brave too. I kinda just busted all the stuff out and didn't really prepare for a mess. She LOVED it!

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