Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home and First Week

Time to go home!

thanks auntie jenny for the sweet sleeper...I love the little yellow trim! Sadly, we didn't really get a good picture of it :(last minute cuddles while we wait to get checked out

We had quite the welcome to come home to! Papa Wes doesn't do small signs :)

super excited to hold "her" baby and give it the giraffe (from Uncle Matt) there is no shortage of "help"

someone is very popular with the natives

Daddy is pro with all 3
sorry lil girl, but we realized that we needed some separation, for baby AND mommy and daddy sleeping...a lot

fun times

everyone takes their turn

first bath

done with this picture stuff, put me to bed


Kristen said...

he is a beautiful baby! welcome home and thanks for the picture update!!

Kristen said...

It looks like things are going well! He is so cute and so loved!

Sarah and Eric said...

He is precious! Three kids, wow! I love all the pictures. You all look soooo happy. Congratulations again!