Friday, April 27, 2012

Ellie turns 2!

 Ellie turned 2 and I decided not to make a big fuss about it and just keep it simple for a party.  Not only have I had a newborn but we had Easter and I had been sick a lot over the month.  Things have been crazy and I have learned that a two year old party does not need to be a big deal.  We had all the family over for pizza and cupcakes- in our family, that's still a big party really. I didn't even really decorate. SO not like me. I did start to feel bad on party day but then again, I know it doesn't matter. Ellie had so much fun and was very excited!

I decided on a butterfly party and folks, this was it! (Along with her butterfly dress)
 Ellie was a present machine! Crazy about opening! And once it was all said and done, she loved all her sweet gifts!

 Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!


Aunt Leah was here to meet Jacob and get her fill of baby love 

And we have an official princess and high heeled clacker in the house now!


Carla said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! She's a true princess!

Kristen said...

happy birthday beautiful ellie!! how are the babies turning two already?!

Rob and Leah said...

Love the princess pic! looks like she had a great birthday!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!! It is funny how on the second one we realize that until the kids are 3 or 4, they really don't care. They just want cake and presents :) Your pictures look like the perfect birthday!

Ashley said...

I love the "no hands" style cupcake eating!