Monday, April 23, 2012

the weeks after

huge train town

 first "play" time
 sweet sleeper
 my sous chef
 Uncle Matt gets to hold Jacob for the first time finally
 fun visit with cousin Devon
 lots of little piggies
 "Ellie, show me a fancy face." okay?!
 Alex- "lets take a picture with all of us and set the timer!" great idea Alex. great idea.
 rare awake time gets attention
 because I cant get enough of his sweetness

 Honey got these...
three lil monkeys laying in the bed
 showing off his dimples at 3 weeks


Kristen said...

you guys look so happy together!!

Julie said...

Love it! Love it all!!! I know it is hard but just remember how blessed you are!!! love you1

Carla said...

Love Ellie's faces! So happy for you and your sweet family- I'm in love with you all :)

Ashley said...

I love Ellie's face in the corner while Jacob is in the swing. Priceless!