Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Week Old Birthday!

Papa Wes came to visit again!I love this lil onesie with the puppy on the bottom!
One arm out is best

First Bath At Home...we have a not so happy camper
Now I'm better but still a little confused about what just happened in there.

Grandpa Steve came to visit!
The Isaacson Boys!
I can't believe Alexander is a week old today! Time has just flown by! He is still cuter than a button and gettin' cuter by the minute!
He is such a good baby! Very happy (likes to smile in his sleep a lot- too precious) and often content just hanging out. He is a good sleeper and the schedule of eating every 3 hours is working out. Feeding has gotten better and easier, thank goodness. And thanks to Honey, momma got some more sleep last night and is doing good today. It's our first day on our own- Travis is back to work and Honey left. We will have more visitors tomorrow though :) and Nani comes back.

Here is a lil about our lil guy:
He has to have his hands near his face (he does amazing escapes out of his swaddle and clothes to get that hand out, and he was always like that in the sonograms)
He is very strong (thank goodness he is not in my belly anymore! Tomorrow would be my due date!)
He still gets the hiccups multiple times a day (just like in the womb, he has them right now actually).
He is taking it all in...I think he just studied his hand for a few minutes, he loves to look at faces very intently.
He makes the cutest faces, keeping us all very entertained. My favorite is when he looks like he is sucking on a straw and makes a lil o with his lips.
Happy 1 Week old Birthday Alexander! We love you!


Carla said...

Too darn cute! I can't wait to meet him! Glad to hear that things are going smoothly :)

terri said...

Oh my goodness! He is gorgeous! Of course, I expected that since he came from the two of you... :)
Hope you're feeling good Mama Cassie!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad things are going so well for you guys. keep enjoying every single moment! Good luck on the first day by yourselves :)