Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 weeks old...we are all hanging in there!

I am a little late on the 2 week update, but as you can imagine I am having a hard time finding time. How is it that my baby only eats and sleeps, yet I feel like I never get to! :) Since its been a while, I am posting several things from over the weekend and week.

This is my sweet angel at 2 weeks (and 2 days) ...he is probably tooting but I don't care! I love that smile!
Things are going well. His doctor appointment was positive and everything looks good. He was a little underweight, but I think that was because he filled two diapers right before! (The doctors lobby seems to be a consistent trigger for a poopie diaper! Of course!) So we went back in today for a weigh in. We just focused on feedings these last two days and the results were wonderful! He gained 4 ounces! back up to 7lbs 12 oz. We still have to go in next week to check to make sure he continues.
This is Alex "sleeping with one eye open". He seems to do this often and it cracks me up! Its like he is too lazy to open both eyes! Maybe he is getting it from me and what I look like at night feedings!

He is a great baby! He eats well, sleeps pretty well (except for the occasional gas issue or just wanting to sleep being held), and he seems very happy. We are so thankful!!

So today after the doc appt., since Alex was being amazingly good (awake and not crying a peep!) I decided to try to run to Target for some necessities. I should have quit while I was ahead, but if I don't try, I will never learn. :) As soon as we get there, I realize I have to use the bathroom. Great. That was funny- too bad I am not on a reality show! Then he starts to get fussy and cry...that red faced, painful, newborn cry that would make any woman ask "what is that girl doing to her baby!?" Well, I realized that if I push the cart around quicker, he seemed to quiet down and as I almost got to the door to leave, he fell asleep. Yea. More time. :) Well, it didn't last too long and I found myself in the dressing room feeding. Super fun. Ha! Well as soon as I could, we hightailed outta there! He started screaming again. I didnt even get all I was going for. Of course, when I get to the checkout, he falls asleep again. Oh well! I will figure it out! I have to laugh at myself because I feel like it was a typical first time mom outing made for a comedy!

Alexander's belly button! I am so glad that nasty umbilical cord fell off this weekend! Yea!! I am sure you are saying to yourself "That is a good looking belly button!" haha!
He was squirming so its pushed out a little.

Alex loves watching the elephants go round on his mobile!
I couldn't believe how focused he was on it!
He is wearing a gown of Travis's when he was a baby too! They are super soft!!

A little sun treatment to help with jaundice...he loved the warm sun! He normally hates to be naked!
Alex really enjoyed playing (well, looking) on his play mat for the first time!


Anonymous said...

He is such a pretty baby!! Ryan and I are so happy for your new little family. Keep taking lots of pictures and update often! We miss ya'll!!
Paige & Ryan

Beezer Mom said...

Sooo darn cute!! Glad to see that all is well.


lisa said...

aw, cassie, he's so cute! you story of target reminds me of a time when i took a fussy brandon to HEB. i was a wreck and it was obvious. a woman came to me and said that it probably more upsetting to me than it was to the other customers. i try to remember that, even now, when my kids are acting up! i think she was right. ;)

aunt martha said...

Alex is a little doll! So precious. Except maybe when you're in Target! Help me here, Cassie---in most of the photos he looks like Travis and his sister, but in a couple he looks like Wes, and also like the Tullos's (Grannie's family)---what do you think? I'm enjoying the photos and your comments very much. Hugs, Aunt Martha

Terri said...

Gorgeous!!! I've got one more week of school and I'd love to go over and see him (oh and you too Cassie!!) after that.
I'm glad you're doing ok. :)