Sunday, May 4, 2008

May! May!....may I have a baby please!

I never thought this month would get here! We are in the month of the baby coming! Yea!! 17 more days and I couldn't be more ready! I decided today that I am ready, the baby has to be ready- he is huge and I am pretty uncomfortable, so it is time for the lil guy to come out! :) It's official, haha. Hopefully not too much longer! Most of my shirts don't cover the bottom belly and the pants are tight. I had to go buy shorts today- it is just getting too hot. I don't care how much longer I have- I need to be as comfortable as I can be!
I keep thinking, everywhere I go, what if my water broke right now!? What would I do? How embarrassing would it be? How exciting! haha- it would be horrible in most places but such a great story! (For example, this morning in church! ha!)

We had a great week...
Our bible study small group threw us a surprise baby shower on Thursday! We were totally surprised! It was so sweet of them and it was a lot of fun! They have been such a blessing!
I put in for my last day of school to be the 13th! 7 days and I am "retired"! Woo- hoo! I mean, so sad.
Last night we went to our friends (Megan and Eddie Church) Kentucky Derby Party! It was really fun- we drew horses and had 2 dollar bets made on them. Eddie's dad in Kentucky really bet for us! Unfortunately, neither Travis nor I won anything. All three of our horses stunk it up. :) But it was great fun and what an eventful Derby with poor Eight Belles being put to rest. :(

Hope everyone has had a great weekend too! LOVE to you!

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shalonda said...

lol! you are down to days now hun wooohoo!!!! the maternity pics are fabulous! cant wait to see your little guy!