Sunday, September 14, 2008

4 Months

My Alexander Travis is four months old! Our well-check doctor visit isn't until a couple of weeks (since the doc is on vacation) but since Alex was sick we got to weigh in- he is up to 15.5 lbs! He is such a joy, always making us laugh and smile. We are making some good progress in the car, but still have our rough times. He is so much easier to entertain these days and loves just looking at things/people. Sleep is totally random- some nights he will go 6 hours, yet others he reverts back to every 3! Yes, those are some rough nights reminiscent of the newborn days.

Here are some of our little man's favorites these days...

  • hand to suck- right. We think this is a sign of his right-handedness. He also found his thumb in the last few days and seems to be liking it.
  • games- peek a boo, "Im gonna getcha!", and raspberry on the belly. All get big laughs!
  • book- Goodnight Moon. Well, I think he likes it best...he is a really good listener during this one!
  • playtime activity- tummy time! The kid could kick for hours if we let him. He looks a little like Shamu as he arches his back and lifts his head high. Mom has to shut down the party if he throws up too much. :(
  • thing to "eat"- burp cloths. We make sure he has one to hold and stuff in his mouth at all times! Forget the pacifier, give me a burp cloth! This also comes in handy for all the emergency spit ups!
  • noise to make- dinosaur roar! Well, we call it that. I don't know why but he loves to roar and it is hilarious. ???
  • activity- bath time! What kid doesn't love it!? But Alex starts grinning from ear to ear when we start to undress him because I swear he knows! and that smile continues all through bath time!
Oh, we love our lil boo bear. He is just the cutest thing in America! (We say!)


Rob and Leah said...

That smile is adorable! Happy 4 months!

khunton said...

Hi Issacsons! I am an old friend of Travis's from HS and found your blog via the Chaddocks. Congrats on your adorable family! Stephen and I have a 2 year old and are expecting #2! Glad to find you via the blog world and see you are doing so well!
Kristine (Deyoe) Hunton

Julie said...

Love your updates Cassie. The video of Alex laughing is great. You know once you start talking about your baby "working on a poop" that you have entered a new world! I was laughing out loud.

Glad you kids are feeling better!

Julie Alsup