Monday, September 8, 2008

Choo! Choo! Evan turned 2!

Alex went to his first birthday party this weekend. Evan, our neighbor and good friend, turned 2 years old! They had a Choo-Choo themed party that was too-too precious! If you have ever been to a two year old party you know how wild they can be, and this one was no exception. It was a full house and there was a lot of fun going on! We had a great time and Alex really had fun watching all the hooplah! He konked out as soon as we got home. Happy Birthday Evan!!

Leah always does an amazing job of setting everything up so cute and having great ideas! Really puts the pressure on for Alex's first birthday! I might have to start planning soon! Jk jk :)

I am so glad that we met and have gotten to be good friends with the Hoyts. We are so blessed with their friendship. It's been fun to see Evan grow up over the last year and I am glad Alex will have a buddy across the street to play with some day!

Alex, with the party in the background. Someday soon he will be right in the mix of it all!

Evan loves Veggie Tales so I got him this set of books. I was so glad he seemed to love them and started "reading" almost right away! He wouldn't even look away for a pic! :)

Does this face say "lets party" or what!?

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Rob and Leah said...

What a sweet post! Thanks for all your kind words about the party and being friends. We are so thankful for y'all too!
I didn't get to see Evan sitting by Alex. I'm glad you got a picture of that moment. I will need a copy.
Alex was so well behaved at the party. I think he really enjoyed it!