Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Are you pregnant? Do you plan on getting pregnant? Do you need an OBGYN? Do you live in the North Austin Area? Well, you need Dr. Jo Choudhry! She is up and running full steam ahead! She is a FABULOUS doctor and makes a pap smear fun! haha, well, I dont know about fun but she is great! and my sister! (awwww)
Pass her info along on to all your friends! Thanks!!


The Hendry Family said...

Oh this is great!!! Hey the drive to Texas would be worth a fun pap smear. Speeding tickets and all! Congrats Jo, love yall!!

The Hendry Family said...

OMG is that you, Travis & Alex (in womb) on Jo's website?? If so...I'm so good for recognizing yall's mid sections.