Monday, September 29, 2008

Friends and Family

We had a fun-filled weekend! Friday night our good friends came over for dinner. Kristen and Mike came in from Dallas to go to ACL, and Jenny and Zack came over to make it a party. I am so excited because Kristen and Jenny are both pregnant and due in March and April. So needless to say, it was a fun night of baby/preggo talk! At midnight (way past all of our bedtimes!) we mentioned pickles and before I knew it, Jenny was rummaging through the fridge! Sweet gherkins would just not do it- it was only hamburger dill pickles for her! What a classic preggo move! Love it!! We had such a great time and I only wish I could see the Seamans more often!

Saturday my fam came up for a quick fill of baby lovin. Alex is so fun right now and Papa Wes was having a good time playing! Even Chad got in on some fun! I dropped the ball and didn't get a pic with Nani :( Sorry! Next time!!

Blowing bubbles!

playing "stand up, sit down" didn't know that was game?!

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