Monday, January 12, 2009

My Heart Will Go On

So the big night finally came! The Celine Dion Concert!!!!!!! I have waited A YEAR for this and let me tell you, it was sooo worth the wait! I love, love, love her!

The concert was awesome!! All you lame-o's out there that are laughing can't deny that she has an amazing talent with an unbelievable voice. She sounds even better in person and makes it look so easy. It will give ya goosebumps I tell ya. Yes, she is a little weird, I will admit, as a person...but it just adds to the show. :) Lets just say her outfits were interesting and her faces kept us smiling. Yes those are rhinestones on her crotch and knee pads! ha!!
She sang all my favs but the tour was for her Taking Chances CD so there were a lot from that. I am not as familiar with the songs (cause I can't really understand what she is saying!) but that was okay. It was still a great concert overall. Lets just say I did my fair share of singing along (good thing no one could hear me)! It was so fun! and I am soo glad we went!! I will remember it always!

Yes, even Travis was belting it out!
(not really, for the sake of my husbands manhood, I will admit that this was staged)

"The Prayer" done as a techno-duet...a family favorite! :)

The lights and effects were actually really cool too. One of my favorite effects was when they put the screens around her and made it look like she was in the snow or in a snow globe. Really cool. Here is a clip I found on Youtube so that you can get a little bit of the concert experience. Someone did some good recording and must have had a great seat.

One of the funniest parts of the whole evening was when we look over and she is grabbing a baby up out of the audience. Well, you would think "ahh cute" but then you realize that the baby has on a camoflauge snowsuit on. What??! I know. Thats what I said. Only in good ole San Antonio. Then Travis and I are like, who brings their baby to the Celine concert? and why would you dress him in camo? and its not like it was snowing in the arena! ? It was weird!

So I am sure you are wondering about our little one. Well, our good friends the Elliotts took one for the team and agreed to babysit. Little did we know that he would be sick and little did we know that we would be gone for a century. I am sure thats what it felt like to Addie. (The concert was super long, with an opening act, and then we got stuck in the parking lot at a 30 minute standstill, and then when we finally get out and on the highway, we realized they had shut it down for construction!! We were so frustrated!) Anyway, Addie wouldn't let on to how bad it probably was, but I know my baby and I know he wasn't quiet, thats for sure. She did say that he decided he didn't want to eat and he only slept for like 20 minutes. But the most important lesson for me is that he survived. I had a stomach ache just worring about him. So it really is good for me to do stuff like this. A BIG THANK YOU TO ADDIE AND HER FAM FOR BABYSITTING! You are fabulous!!

*It took me a while to post this bc we all got Alex's cold right after. The three of us have gone through many a kleenex. I am happy to post we are doing better now after a long restful weekend.


Paige said...

She does a great show and I cried when I saw it in Vegas last year. so go forth with your celine love!

Christy said...

I just went last week in Dallas and she was AWESOME. Such a great performer. Love the comment about the kid in camo - who brings their kid to Celine???? in camo!!! haha!!!

Jenny said...

hahaha! kid in camo??? that's hilarious cassie! oh, and your dedication to reporting back to all your jealous friends who only could dream of such a wonderous night, it was great! thanks cassie!
one day . . . .