Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peaches and Puffs

Alex has started eating!! Yea!! We tried peaches and he was like a new man. He wanted them and ate them like he had been eating all along! It was crazy! and he has been eating well every day since. Even when I switched to bananas. We also tried "melt in your mouth" cereal puffs. Well, he loves them!! and he has started "chomping" them even! It is so cute! All I can say is thank goodness!

I know he looks sad (man, really sad!), but I don't know why because he was loving it! He tried "helping" me with the spoon and therefore we got some on the nose...and everywhere else.
The cute face he makes when sucking on a puff.


Jaymee said...

Sooooo cute!!!! My kids loved those cereal puffs. They have them in sweet potato too! Before you know it he'll be eating big boy food!

Terri said...

Puff-puffs were one of Shannon's favorites! We bought them at Sam's. :)

Kristen said...

Go Alex!!! Gotta love those puffs.

shalonda said...

awww love the puff face