Monday, January 26, 2009

Run Travis Run

We are so proud of Travis for running in his first half marathon. He did great (did it in 2 hours) and finished with ease! Awesome!! His sister Leah ran it too. She also did a super job!! Way to go Leah!
Alex and I went downtown to cheer them over the finish line! It was super cold-look at that poor lil red nose! :( But check out the precious jogging suite! He was ready if called in to run! Thanks Holly!! And don't worry, he had on layers...probably not enough, but I tried. Note to self, get that boy a heavy coat!

Alex always does that. Lil booger. Great family photo right!?


Jenny said...

Way to go Coach! : ) Very impressive!

Sarah and Eric said...

I ran that too! I wish I would have seen you guys! What a precious family you guys are!

Kristen said...

Running for 2 hours straight...not fun!! Way to go Travis!