Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Joy

Alex's first Christmas...
We spent Christmas in San Antonio with my family this year. We had so much fun and loved sharing our first Christmas with Alex with everyone. It really adds a special magic to the holiday to have a little one. Such joy and wonder! Such love! (oh, that sounds soo super cheese but it really is true, ha)
Alex did great on the trip! He loved being with everyone all day and was so good! There was always someone there to play with and lots of new things to look at... But he hates to leave a party, so naps and sleeping were not high on his priority list. This made the trip quite tiring for mom, but that's okay. I survived. :)
Alex started "talking", well, babbling, on Christmas Eve. Travis and I were getting him ready for bed and he started saying "Dadadada"! We were so shocked and just stared at each other open mouthed. Then we were laughing because Alex got such a kick out of it too, he wouldn't stop! It was an awesome moment that I am so glad we were together to share. He has always made noises but not "talking" like this!
He has been sitting up really well! This was great for Christmas and makes playing with his new toys all the more fun! And new toys there are!! Lets just say, the child is far from deprived. Mom is excited about the new toys too though - this adds more fun to our days! but being the only baby in both of our families made Alex quite the center of attention and the main gift recipient this year! It was really fun to see him go from new toy to new toy with such wonder and excitement. Granted, he doesnt even get what all this is about, but he seemed to really like all his gifts! He made it through the whole LONG gift opening morning without a nap, when quite frankly, the adults were fatiguing fast! :) Like I said, hates to leave the party (I think he gets this from his mother?!).

A Few Christmas Highlights

Our family christmas gift to ourselves... we needed it for all our "stuff"! Crazy, huh?! We are officially a family now! Travis was especially excited. It is a really nice carrier and men love stuff like this, right?! :)

Christmas Eve
Hangin' with Uncle Chad ... one of my favorite moves
I have to change shirts...Auntie Jo will hold me

The first present...Uncle Vinnie let Alex get his little paws on one just to see if he could open it. The drool did make a hole but thats as far as we got. He really just liked looking at the paper, touching it, and moving it around.
Santa's helper putting together Alex's new car on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning...look what Santa brought!
Stockings...Alex got cups! His favorite! :)
Travis surprised me with an IPod nano....can you tell I was surprised! :) I thought it was going to be coasters! ha!! What a great hubby I have! Now what is a simple housewife going to do with such coolness?!

Nani and Papa got Alex an Elmo Live... too much fun!

Slam dunking like a pro!

We went downtown to the RiverWalk the next night. I LOVE the lights and the Mexican food! (These pictures are hard to take- you have to be super still to get the lights to glow. Any suggestions on settings are welcome.)
The full house...lots of family came over to visit on Saturday
Round 2 (with the Isaacsons) coming soon!


Mya Sage said...

Suggestions on settings: You need a tripod. :)

Carla said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

Beezer Mom said...

Awwww...the S household on Christmas! As for the lights, gotta shoot those babies on manual.

Jenny said...

Oh Cassie, what a great entry filled with happiness and joy! Teehee! I am so glad you had such a special Christmas! I loved your reaction to the gift, go Travis! Hope to see you and Alex soon!