Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Months

this month bear pic was a little tricky, not much to choose from
I love a baby in a onesie and this month I have decided that you need to remind me that you are still a baby!

Oh, how the months fly by! Can't believe I have to start thinking about your first birthday coming up!
I have to start by saying that this has to be my favorite baby age! Hands down! You are soooo sweet! Soooo happy to see me! You get so excited to see Daddy when he comes home! We are in a good routine! You are doing more and more big girl stuff everyday! Your little personality is starting to show. It's so fun!
Big girl skills to add to the resume...
Drinks out of a sippy cup! just switched to a real spout too (no more chewy top)
Claps hands
"reads" books! (love this!! and it happens to be a great way to get you to be still on the changing table)
puts arms up and bounces on your knees when you want to be picked up! or when you are excited!
I swear you waved at the phone repairman today! ha! and brother yesterday!

The big news this month was your first and second tooth!! Woo hoo! finally! (I love the way you rub your tongue back and forth over them.)
first tooth pic when it was itty bitty

You are a sleeping beauty- giving me a couple of all nighters this month, but more often you wake just once a night. Sleeping from 7:30ish to 7:30ish. Still a solid 2 hour nap 2 times a day!

Its time to buy stock in Cheerios again! (anyone else love cheerio breath?!) You like them way more than puffs. Its so funny to see you go at em like a starving child and shove them in with handfuls. You also love banana, blueberries, green beans, and crackers....these all get leg kicks and happy "more! more!" grunts! I have totally given up on baby food. We do all finger foods or soft foods. You are still not a big eater and you are super slow.
You are eager to eat Alex's snacks and we have found you several times sneaking his snack catcher. It's funny because you know you are not supposed to have it- picture a greedy lil animal hunched over, shoveling the food in as fast as possible, looking back only a few times to check to see if anyone has noticed, and being careful to not make a commotion. :) It is sad when I have to shut the party down.

you babble more and more. (Did I mention last month that she says Da da da da?)

You cry if we don't take you outside when we go. You are the official trash take-er out-er helper.

You love your butterfly mobile! You light up, give a huge smile, and look at me with those eyes of "do you see these momma!? Wow! I wanna touch em!"

You are interested in walking. I have to force you to sit down. You like to walk around in the walker and you are getting better about maneuvering it. You can balance on your own for a bit too! You can use the push walker but you just don't show a whole lot of interest (it doesn't last long) so we don't do it often. This is all okay with me...I am totally okay with you holding off a bit! I want you to be a baby as long as you want! :) I also know that my world will be flipped upside down when you start walking.

You like to get into trouble. You give me looks of innocence and sweet grins as you play in the fireplace, touch the dvd player, flush the toilet, and crawl into new rooms to go exploring. You never stay put for long.

You really like to get "non-toys" -real life things that catch your interest

You have started to like tv a little bit more but nothing like brother. You like the music mostly and will stop whatever you are doing to sit, clap, smile, and laugh.

You love to laugh. I love to watch. It works out beautifully.

Here are a few random videos. I have realized with Alex that you forget the little things and its fun to see video of just how they are. I love her little hands slapping the tile as she crawls fast. I love how she stops and sits and looks back at us with a big smile. I love her little laugh. I love her riding the motorcycle bc its just stinkin' cute how she held on and kicked her legs. That part was from back at the beginning of Jan.

Sweet baby girl, you are my sunshine! I Love you!


Kristen said...

i could watch videos of that sweet girl all day long! she couldn't be any cuter!!! miss yall.

Kristen said...

she is such a cutie! i can't believe she takes such good naps for you! that is awesome... i'm lucky if i get two one hour naps out of miss meg.
love her pushing that walker... annie watched the video and said "meg no pull up yet" ha!

Jenny said...

Oh Cassie, she is your sunshine! This post made me so happy to read for many reasons, one being to just hear in you all the love you have for this sweet girl! She is so lucky to have you as her mommy, you love her so much! She is amazing, with all that she is up to, the sippy cup, the reading, and all the while, with the sweetest, cutest, happiest personality!

Kristen said...

She is a bundle of cuteness! That is awesome that she sleeps so well at night and gives you two amazing naps. She is going to be walking in no time!