Monday, February 7, 2011

cousins. (not) identical cousins.

We got to have Kalyn over the other day and we had a lot of fun! Thankfully Leah took Alex to school for me so the girls got to play alone without him busting it up. I can foresee lots of girly playtime in the near future! (I have to add, that Kalyns hair was in a cute little pony, done nicely, but it got messed up, I lost the rubberband, and I have no practice putting up lil girl hair, so its a little less cute with my clippy, haha)

playing in the "junk"'s the best one!

getting into trouble together already
yes this is a pretty shot of my laundry pile! ha!
the girls playing cars while Alex was away

a little cartoons to make it till Daddy came
don't you love the pure joy ellie is getting tormenting poor Kalyn just because she is lucky enough to have hairand so it begins!


Kristen said...

those are some cute cousins!! did you make that vday shirt for e? i saw an idea for that somewhere around the internet, but never got myself together enough to give it a try. looks super cute!

Kristen said...

They are adorable! I love that last picture!!!

Solomon Clan said...

So precious!! It is so wonderful that they get to grow up together. Many memories to come!

Jenny said...

it is so cute to see them playing together! gosh, she looks so much like joey and i see some of your mom in her too! i liked that last comment about pulling her hair! and ellie doesn't need hair, she is just gorgeous without it!

Rob and Leah said...

The last picture is classic. Such cute buddies!