Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

This year was the big enchilada for me. The Big 3-0! My "golden" birthday, 30 on the 30th. I just found out about this term but I think its kinda cool. Won't ever happen again! And to answer the popular question, I am okay with it. Its not so bad to be an old lady ;)
I will start by saying that the weather was uncommonly hot! Like tshirt hot! That never happens! Totally threw off my outfits! :)
I had a fabulous weekend of celebrating! Travis took Alex to run errands and get his hair cut (super short you can see! :( looking so big now) in the morning and left me to have time a lone at home during Eliana's nap. And then Travis and I went on a fun date that night. It included a little shopping, a movie (The Kings Speech- highly recommend it!), and dinner at Flemmings (yes, again- last year was just not enough). Can I just say I love date nights! A big thanks to Honey and Grandpa Steve for babysitting...really, Grandpa got the real prize. He took one for the team when Alex chunked all over him. The story goes that Alex was so upset waking up early from a nap that he cried himself sick and threw up on Steve when he went to pick him up off the couch. Poor guys, both of them. Grandpa was a great sport and Honey really "earned her pay" and had it all cleaned up for us by the time we got home. Goodness.
Sunday was my real birthday. Travis cooked a big breakfast. I got presents! :) Not the spaceship Alex was hoping for but a Kitchen Aid mixer that I have always wanted. Woo hoo! I got a pedicure over nap time with some girlfriends and had a pizza party with my family for dinner. It was a great day! I am spoiled rotten!

yes the cake was on fire with all 30 candles thank you

Alex was REALLY into this card my parents got. It plays Celebrate (Good times! Come on!) You know the song. :) He loved singing along. We "celebrated good times" ALL the way home that night, a little more at home, and first thing the next morning! He kept saying "I like this book! a lot!!" I am waiting for the battery to run out. showing Ellie first thing in the morning, holding her hand to "help" her dance to the music


Kristen said...

You are spoiled!! What a fabulous 30th birthday!!!! It's all down hill from here :) And I love Alex's haircut...he does look older.

Kristen said...

happy birthday to both of you old fogies!! and alex looks so grown up and cute with his new cut.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Cassie! I loved hearing about your special weekend, it sounded perfect! Not only does Alex look great with his haircut,but I am just loving the short do on you as well!

Solomon Clan said...

What a great birthday! I think date nights are the best gift ever. Glad you got to enjoy a special night out. Enjoy that new mixer. I know it is one of my favorite kitchen tools. I bet Alex will get a kick out of it, too.

rebekah l. louis said...

glad to see you had a wonderful birthday!! you look fabulous! and alex is quite a handsome little fellow!

hodgesgal said...

Happy birthday Cassie ( a little late, I know...) watch the old lady talk though.. I am celebrating a bigger one than you soon and there aren't enough days on the month for mine... LOL.... you are still SUPER YOUNG!!!!