Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to you! and you!

Last Friday was Travis' birthday- the big 32! It actually snowed on his birthday! Really fun since we usually only get one snow day a year. (Its funny how opposite it was from by birthday a mere 5 days apart). Travis still went off to work some but came home for a pizza party lunch with us. Alex was so excited! Not for pizza but to see Daddy!

these are my new fav's

We tried real hard to get a good one here...

took about 10 pictures and I think it got worse with each shot :)
sometimes you just have to foldThen on Saturday we went over to Honey's house to celebrate Travis's birthday and Grandpa Steve's birthday that was coming up (the really big 60! Today!! Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve!). Cousin Holly and Zachary were in town so we got to play with them too! It's always fun to see them and this was no exception! Alex really likes Zachary and just wants to watch him, follow him, and be close to him. :) Zachary was a very good sport!Happy Birthday Sweetie! We love you so much!!
Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve!! We love YOU so much too! ;)
By the way, Honey got drums. Can you guess who wants to go to Honey's house now ALL THE TIME!? Bring your ear muffs friends!

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