Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11 Months

My sweet girl. You are just too big. Getting so close to one year old! You are just too cute for words and getting cuter by the minute.
I love all your little different laughs. Your dramatic cries. Your funny little personality coming out. The best is your "Super Sweet Smile" where you raise your head high and squint your eyes and give a big gummy smile...Daddy and I think you are on to the power of it and have started to use it to your advantage already.
You say Momma and Dadda all the time. Momma seems to mean "I want it I want it"
Your afternoon nap is getting shorter. boo. But I won't argue with early to bed. You are kinda difficult these days in that you want me, but then immediately want away/down. It will wear ya out quick.
Let me just give a quick insight to what the zoo is like...The craziest part of my day is dinner time. You usually want to eat as I am making dinner which works well so that I can cook but makes it hectic. Going back and forth to feed you and tend to you and try to throw dinner together. Then as soon as I am ready to sit down, you want out of the highchair. All this with Alex whining and wanting and messing...its enough to drive a woman crazy. Thank God there are two of us most nights! I couldn't do it without Travis.
Okay, back to Ellie bird
You are standing alone really well. And we are just starting to see the itch to take a step!
You pretty much entertain yourself just messing around with stuff around the house.
Still not really into eating very much but love to feed yourself. Fruit is your favorite. This month you decided you are not really into Cheerios. Not sure what happened there but its annoying. I have tried to keep snacks away from you but it is impossible with Alex always eating them. So you scream your high pitch squeal when you see a bag or box of anything. You seem to know you want it. You are a much better eater than Alex ever was though. You will try new things and tend to eat what I give you. I pretty much give you a little of whatever we eating.
Your two bottom teeth have really come in but that's all you got for now. I love that gummy top and precious lil white perfect teefers...my fav. I will be sad when you get more.

You don't sit still for books longer than a minute. I am eager to read you books so I hope that gets better this next month.

You don't really care to be rocked to sleep (shocking after Alex) and you like to "talk" yourself to sleep. Think nuk nuk nuk. I even hear you doing this in the middle of the night instead of crying.
When I go to get you up out of bed you throw yourself down to the bed and crawl quickly to the corner and bury your head there. I have no idea. But it's pretty funny! And it never fails you do it almost every time I go to get you now.

You also love to play peekaboo every night after bath. As soon as I put you on the changing table to get your pajamas on, you grab the towel and flash me a big smile as if to say "lets play that game again"! Its one of your happiest times of day.
(look at all that hair! ha! think you will get a little curl in the back there like Alex did)

You have started to play with Alex some- basically a crawling down the hallway, laughing, chasing thing. You find it delightful. You also will wrestle with him in your bed (more for safety and mom's sanity really). It cracks you up, surprisingly, to be pulled down and thrown around. I think you are getting tougher.

You like the kitchen! Open and close the doors and touch all the "buttons"

You wear 9 months clothes and size 3 diaper now. You are my little sweet petite. Everyone comments on how little you are.

And this is the end- You wanted to show off your super cute ruffle butt bloomers I guess! Silly girl!
Its easier and faster for me to just put all the videos in one. You get to see the crib hiding, crib wrestling, dancing to Imagination Movers Concert (a huge hit in this house btw), Super Sweet Smile, and peekaboo. Yes, Alex is crazy! and so is his hair! and I hate that she is in her "boy" pjs- she does own pink ones! promise!


Rob and Leah said...

Happy 11 months! What a sweet and beautiful girl. I can't believe we'll be celebrating one year so soon! I like the peek-a-boo picture with Alex.

Meredith said...

Oh, my gosh...how priceless!

Solomon Clan said...

I can't believe she is about to be one. Crazy!! Love those bloomers. Happy 11 months, Eliana!

Kristen said...

what a sweet girl! i love those little ruffle bottoms!
this year sure is going by FAST!

Sara said...

She has the sweetest cutest face! The video is cute, she is tough! And that burying her head in the corner is so funny! Happy 11 months! It seems to go by even faster with the second one doesn't it?

Shelby said...

Very sweet post! I love that ruffle bottom!

Sarah and Eric said...

Ellie is the absolute cutest little girl! She's like a little model! Perfect!

Kristen said...

Only one month until she is one!! I can't believe it! She is just adorable!