Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drizzle Drizzle Fo Shizzle

Alex had his Spring Show at school last week. I was so glad that we all recovered from the bug in time to go! I was a little nervous though considering how our Christmas show went. But I should have been more confident in the lil guy. Of course he is bigger and braver now! He did great! I was beyond proud. Not too much singing but hey, we take what we can get! Super cute even if I dont know what they are saying! One of the songs is "Drizzle Drizzle". We got that part! Oh, and Alex looks a little frumpy because his pants button popped off as we got out of the car and they were like falling off of him even with the belt. Oh the drama. :)

We celebrated afterwards with some cookies (this may have been why Alex did the show- he was promised cookies if he did it) and hugs from Papa Wes and Nani. He got to watch it back on the camera too. Yes my Dad works for the news. Haha! No, just kidding. He does like to video weddings though. And therefore we also get the high tech video service. (but the video here is from our lil camera)


Kristen said...

He did so good!!!! He will be a star performer in no time!

Kristen said...
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