Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Fun

(last) Last week was Alex's spring break so I decided to do a few fun days to help the week go by.

Monday we went to visit Daddy at work in Lockhart. Honey came too and it was a fun trip. We got to see the office...

play with sticky note tabs
the yard with big stuff...

and we went to barbecue lunch. Alex was intrigued with the Deer heads on the wall. That is what he is looking at here. And he was surprised that it wasn't Whataburger. ;)
I like that it is open 8 days a week! ;) thats what it said!
As for my review of the not a big fan of Blacks. Think I will stick with Rudys right down the road.

It is a long drive to Lockhart but it was fun to see Daddy and now Alex has a better idea of where he goes all the time. (Thankfully he is only going all the way to Lockhart a few times a week now though. Yea!!)

Tuesday we went to the outlet mall to look for new shoes for the kids. Always fun. At least we were 50% successful. Thats pretty good. And then there is nothing like a good bribe for shopping. Buzz did the trick! We never go down this part of the mall so Alex had never seen this before- it was like Disneyland! I think he could have stayed all day!
I would say he was in love

gotta let sister play a little too

Wednesday Honey came over to watch the kids for me while I ran errands and shopped. She is truly my angel. my godsend. I love Wednesdays. And I know the kids love it too! They always have a good time! and I actually bought clothes for myself- shocking!! Mom has to have a little fun on spring break too!

Thursday I went to Fairytale Threads consignment sale while Papa watched the kids. Again, I know I am so lucky to have sitters like this! I got some GREAT stuff! Here is a sneak peak of what I found for Alex- it was a steal! and worth every penny if you cant tell already!

And then the kids and I went to Sprouts after Ellie's nap. This was also a fun little outing. Alex never goes to the grocery store with me because I tend to go on Wed. by myself or while he is at school. This was a quick trip and we got his specialty foods that he loves, so it was fun. I will post soon about some of the things I have been baking! believe it or not!
St.Pattys Day Green!

Friday we went to the Rodeo!! That post next! It gets its own post.


rebekah l. louis said...

you're jealous of our trip to houston?? i'm totally jealous of your free wednesdays!!! how sweet is honey!?!

Kristen said...

you guys stayed busy! i have to say that spring break was fun, but it made me scared for this summer. i was completely exhausted by the time the week was over and our house was a mess!

Sarah and Eric said...

What a great spring break! That is nice that you have your Wednesdays, what a great day to shop too, right in the middle of the week so it's not too busy! Your kids are some of the cutest kids ever! Love their St. Patty's outfits!