Sunday, March 13, 2011

time to get back on the saddle

I am having a hard time getting back on the blog again. Where to start. What to say. So much has happened...well, sorta.
We had a big fun weekend last weekend and then we all got the stomach bug- yep, the devil one. It is THE worst thing in the world. It started with Ellie on Saturday. She threw up on the way to the library. We were thinking it must be just a sickness or something (not a bug) because she didn't seem sick after that. Still not fun btw, and cleaning throw up out of a car seat is discusting. Not really what I had planned for my Saturday night. Who knew it could go in so many cracks? Anyway, I started throwing up early Monday morning (middle of the night). Before I could even fully recover I was cleaning up Alex's throw up that evening. And I found Travis in bed Tuesday morning instead of being gone for work and I knew that he had also fallen. So, there have been a lot of crackers consumed in the house this week and a lot of tv watching. I was feeling weak (thankfully it really was only a 24 hr bug) all week long, so I knew Alex must be feeling it too. I will note that he doesn't like to admit it- he acts and says that "I not sick anymore! Yea!".

So enough about that blah! Here is some beauty for ya! I love this time of year when for a few days the pear trees bloom white. It's funny because I gag at the smell as soon as I walk out of the house but love the look. A sign of spring! Warmth and sunshine! Playing outside!! :)

One of the fun things from last weekend- Kite Festival! I have always wanted to go! I was so excited that we made it happen this year! and Papa Wes, Auntie Jo, and Kalyn came too! It was a beautiful day and so fun just to be out and about, but it just wasn't windy enough to be a good kite day. We did get out sad lil 2$ Buzz to fly a little though because it was so light. Alex enjoyed seeing all the different types of kites and calling them out.

I think it is time to retire the motorcycle shirt since it is pretty much 3quarters sleeve. Alex is growing like a weed all of a sudden!

Travis set up a fun boys day on Monday- we got free tickets to the local Stars Hockey game. Grandpa Steve and Matt went with them. They all had a blast! Alex thought it was so cool and has been talking Hockey ever since. Travis said one of the best parts was getting to eat a hot dog and french fries with Alex for lunch. It is not often that we get to buy him food out and he gets to eat what we eat (because of his milk allergy). Its just nice to be normal and have it be easy- its fun. Sadly, Travis didn't take a single picture. I guess that's what happens when you have a no-girls event.

Talk about some highs and lows.

So, the house is Lysol-ed down and laundry put away... we are starting to see the sun again...I have so much more to post on! Look forward to a big blogging week, hopefully I will stay on the horse.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Ooo, those pictures of the blossoms are gorgeous!

Rob and Leah said...

Glad y'all are well and you're back to blogging!

Solomon Clan said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. It is never easy being sick. And oh my gosh, I always thought I was the only one that hated the smell of pear trees. They are beautiful.

Kristen said...

Those tree pictures are beautiful! The kite festival was fun but crazy. We were probably near you guys. We need to get together soon!

Jenny said...

OH Cassie,I am so sorry to hear about your rough go with the stomach bug, that must have been awful! So glad you have family in town to depend on to get you through weeks like that! And those pics of the pear trees, family time at the kite festival are so good to see, you are the cutest family!

Kristen said...

uggg, sorry you guys have been so sick.
thank goodness for beautiful weather!
those trees are beautiful!!!