Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a little of this and a lot of that

I will just get it all out in one massive post!

The big news in the house this weekend was that Buzz lightyear- wings pop out buzz, you have to differentiate because we have several- was found! We realized he was lost and did an all out search mission through the house. We were all nervous that he would never be found again. Seriously. This is THE Buzz and he can't be replaced. But to my surprise I recovered Buzz Sunday morning when I went to pack Ellie's backpack for church. We were all very excited. Alex keeps saying "found Buzz in Ellie's back-pack! haha!" He also said he put them there because Buzz was in time out.

Alex used this the other day for the first time! In the back of my car outside the library. Success! I like it! and for a potty update- things have been going well. I kinda took a step back after the initial party because Alex was pretty anti getting in the bathroom. I just stick him in pull ups and try not to worry. I had kinda given up and thought he was too young. But then he all of a sudden stepped up to the plate! The child started coming to me and telling me he had to go!! I was shocked! and he was staying dry! I am so proud of him and his progress! We are still doing pull ups just for my sanity, but we will get out of that when he is a little closer to 3.

He has been earning stickers on a sticker chart. If we catch him being good/sweet/listening/following directions the first time- sticker! 12 stickers= prize! So far we have done 2 charts and got a buzz and woody waterbottle and snack catcher, and a new Cars movie car and Superman shirt.
Today before school. It was a mohawk kinda hair day so we went with it.

I am so glad its working to keep things positive! (well, sometimes it works) We were in a big rough patch there for a while. Lets just say that sister jealousy has kicked in big time.
Alex really likes superman. He got these awesome pjs from cousin ryan. We were beyond excited! love hand-me-downs!!

We went to Evans for a Presidents Day playdate. Evan loves presidents so it was very fitting. It was fun! Playing, making star necklaces, and decorating cakes like flags...well, sorta :)

I got my friend Shelby to take some pictures of Ellie in this precious outfit. I wanted them to be 9 month pictures but it became more like 10 month pictures because I kept putting it off. Anyway, Shelby didn't let me down! She captured my angel perfectly.

Thanks Shelby!
This weekend we switched out carseats. Ellie has now graduated to Alex's old one and he got a big one that transitions to a booster. It was a good time to clean out the snack crumb infested car too. Way over due. Everyone helped.

and just because
thanks GA for the cuteness!

we love Kalyn's hand-me-downs too!
"dino-saurus"- this is what alex calls all dinosaurs because you have to admit, a lot of the names end in -saurus. He hears them on Dino Dan. He is really into ROARing. I wish he wasn't so good at it sometimes.
Off the phone...
Super Papa!

Alex totally crashed this soccor practice at the park. The coach came up to meet us bc he thought we were on the team.
I love the full seat! We have started to carpool with Evan for school. Ellie loves it and laughs all the way home. Evan is really sweet to her and she loves it! but I think its time for a bigger car!


Kristen said...

love those shots shelby did of miss e!!

Rob and Leah said...

Great pictures and updates. Love the carpool picture! Shelby did a great job on the 9 (or 10) months pictures. So cute! I like the crazy hair!

Shelby said...

GREAT POST! I love Alex (er.. superman!) Cute picture! :)

Kristen said...

That is great that potty training is going well...I am totally going to get one of those travel seats! I have been a total bum but am going to start with Kenzie again in about a month...your story has given me hope :) Love the sticker chart idea and that it is working. The kids are adorable and I miss seeing you guys...maybe we can all get together over spring break.

Jenny said...

That was a really awesome update in general, but especially for us out of towners who love to get a glimpse of life at the Isaacsons! Glad to hear that potty training is back on track, carpooling is working out, and that you found Buzz, all major things in our lives now, huh? : ) Oh and Ellie's dress is just perfect Cassie! As I always say, she is such a doll!