Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Photos and Lost Pines

So we have to back up a bit...I was so anxious to get caught up that I totally skipped a very fun and eventful weekend back before Thanksgiving. Yes, maybe that would be more than backing up just a bit.
It was Honey's birthday- 60th I might add!! So as a family we decided her gift would be family pictures. It took some work but we got everyone dressed and on board. The photographer suggested the location and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible! Humid and hot! The girls complained of droopy or frizzy hair and the kids were way less than cooperative. And being mid pregnancy is not an ideal to take pictures I might add. One of the few things that did go my way is that Ellie agreed to wear a bow! I was in heaven on that note! It really is a miracle we got anything! Serious miracle- maybe some photoshop miracles. Thanks to Pixie Dust Photography! I do love the memories and these sweet faces that we love so much!

and our Christmas card... truly miracle pictures

After the session we grabbed brunch at The Cheesecake Factory...

and then headed out for a fun night at Lost Pines Resort. Oh how I love this place.

Like I said the weather was oddly hot and humid but it didn't stop the fun. And what better occasion than to celebrate Honey!

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Kristen said...

Your family pictures turned out great! I am always amazed how these photographers get good pictures when the session feels like it was a disaster. And I love Lost Pines, looks like you guys had fun!