Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deep Thoughts from a Deep Mom

Just some questions I have been asking myself lately...

Why do I walk on eggshells to keep quiet when Alex is sleeping? Going as far as chopping onions, in my mini chopper, in the garage! :)

Why does Alex always seem to wake up when I take one bite of my food? or when the water turns off from the shower? Its like he knows.

I wonder if I could get a mani/pedi while I sleep. (We finally cut Alex's nails this weekend for the first time! I know...it was way overdue! The lil cougar had some nails on him but we were scared to do it. Travis stepped up to the plate like a champ! and the lil guy slept right through it! success!)

Why does the yard guy come to mow right by Alex's window right at nap time every week? Are you kidding me?

Who signed me up to recieve Parenting magazine and Baby Talk magazine? I love it and don't know who to thank! I highly recommend these reads- great articles that read my mind, like God sent them to me to answer my questions and talk to me. :)

Why are these Pepperidge Farm Soft Hoagies so soft!? (My new fave best buy- better than going out! For real! haha)

What does Alex dream about? What is he dreaming when he is smiling or even giggling in his sleep?

How did this baby get so darn cute?!

Should I even take a shower today?

Whats for dinner? Any suggestions!?

I wonder how long I have until Alex wakes up. I can't believe he is still sleeping!

Where did the time go?

How can I go through that many burp clothes so fast!? Didn't I just do laundry?

Who will win HGTVs Design Star? Why did Will get the boot off So You Think You Can Dance when he was obviously the best one on the show!? And why can't Project Runway run new episodes daily?

Why do you cry so hard when I take you out of the bathtub Alex? Is it because you are tired, cold, hungry...what? Do you just love bath time that much?! Or does mommy not pull you out "right" and she stinks at drying you off?

On that same note, why do you hate your carrier so much? Why must we scream everytime we are in the car? I know!...just go to sleep in peace :) It would be so nice for you!

And finally,
Why does Alex think it is so funny to poop in the diaper I just put on him? Spit up on the outfit I just put on him? and pee while I am mid diaper change? ....He loves to get his momma good!


shalonda said...

all i can say is just laugh and keep on laughing....soon you will have such a fabulously easy routine, you will forget all of this and then decide you are ready to do it all over again amd have another baby....pure insanity! ; )

Jaymee said...

You are hilarious! I needed that laugh! Thanks! Aren't you having a blast!!!! Alexander is too adorable! Glad you are enjoying mommy-hood!! :)

The Hendry Family said...

That's great Cassie! I have all the same questions but at least you found a great bread.

amber said...

Too funny!! First, you have a grower on your hands!! Way to gain weight, Alex!!! :) He is only a pound lighter than Nate.

Second, I know what you mean about the "after bathtime" and the carrier. Nate's heart monitor ALWAYS goes off after bathtime. Which only means that he gets mad enough that his heart rate rockets. HA! That is the only time we can bet on his heart monitor going off.

Third, Nate hates his car seat also. What is it? And please tell me how to resolve it! :) After three kids, I have no advise!! HA!

You have a sweet one!! I love seeing pictures of Alex. He is growing too fast.

Christy said...

Cassie- so great to hear you have such real questions.! I have had all those as well - except for maybe the soft hoagie rolls! hehe...I will have to try those out!
AS for the carrier question - Kate hate dthe carrier as well. Always cried in it until....I found a "magic" CD for the car. It is sounds of rain. I am making one for you and sending it to you this weekend. Hopefully it helps. It has already helped with Kara as well!!!

Brandy and Ryder said...

Oh my gosh!! You are sooo funny! Chopping onions in the garage?! LOL I love it! Girl, just about every question you mentioned is one that I have thought of myself. I swear we have the same baby!