Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lights Camera Action!

Are you ready for some home movies!? Well, we got a new computer last week and so now I can capture our videos. I am just playing with it and learning (its no wedding video dad!) but I will get better. I am just glad I figured it out! So yes, today's video is a little boring....but oh so cute when the star of the show is so sweet, if you ask me! I promise to do more interesting ones in the future.
This is a typical morning for us here at the house...still in pjs, hanging out, enjoying the AC. :) I am sure playing in the blinds is a major safety hazard or something, but I always sit with him and he just likes the noise of them banging the window- I mean, look how happy he is! Please excuse the cheesy mom voice- note to self: learn how to silence the sound :)


Carla said...

I love seeing him in action!! And don't worry about the mom voice- we love and appreciate it!

Ms. Heidi said...

Hes so cute and looks like he is such a wonderful baby just laying there looking out the window. The kids and I would love to meet you for lunch sometime maybe Chickfila or something just so we can say hi and see this little boy. I only have 2 weeks till I have to be back at school give me a call sometime. 512-573-4674

jennymayb said...

oh cassie, he was so happy there! that was precious and don't take off the sound, then we couldn't hear both your great mommy voice and his sweet noises! : ) well, if i don't see him on tuesday, atleast i have seen him on video! : )