Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun Foto Friday

Well, our little man has a lot going on these days.
We went to the doctor on Monday because I was worried about his reflux. We got some medicine so hopefully it will help. The only problem is that Alex hates the medicine of course. I am taking a wild guess that it isn't quite as tasty as milk. Two times a day we have to try to squirt it in the back of his throat, while holding him down, hope that he doesn't spit it out (which normally he does), and see that awful break your heart frown face.
We also found out that he has mild eczema which is causing lil red bumps on his face and hair line. I was not too surprised since I have it and it runs in both families. It has been clearing up on its own, but we now have some cream for it if it does get worse.
Alex sneezes (the cutest sneeze you've ever seen no doubt) quite often these days. Its most always a three sneezer. Hoping its not due to the not so clean house :)
Alex now weighs a whopping 12lbs 10ozs...there is no question that he is eating! :) He is our lil sack of potatoes! I am trying to get him in as many of his cute outfits before he grows out of them!
Our joke is that Alex has a receding hair line. Well, its really no joke but quite funny looking. Jeff affectionately called it George Costanza hair. :) It is slowly falling out but is creeping down in a slow line. I am not gonna lie, I wanted to cut the long hairs in the back. No one wants their baby to have a mullet! Fortunately, it is going fast and will be all out soon. :) And he now has the softest peach fuzz on top...perfect for kissing!

Alex is sucking on his hand now. He cant do it on purpose, I don't think, but if its there- hey, cool!
Since I posted last about his sleeping through the night he has had some great nights! They are still inconsistent but I have had sessions of 4 1/2 and 5 hours. Thats great for me! He is also getting so fast at eating that I really don't get to watch much tv at night any more! Bittersweet :)
He still loves to be held. He hates his carrier. Loves the baby bjorn- especially with Dad. Loves being outside. Loves to look in the mirror during his baths. He can hit at the dangle toys on the play mat and seems to like it a lot. He can now watch ceiling fans and be totally entertained! His favorite place though is his changing table! If he is fussy, we can put him there and its all smiles- like night and day! :) Go figure. Of course that would be his fav since I have to stand there next to him. ugh. He is smiling, laughing, and grinning more and more. It brightens my day! I like to say that it is because of me (and my beautiful singing-ha!).

We recently started to try a stricter schedule of eat, play, nap. (yes, mom said enough is enough, haha) I am letting him cry himself to sleep. I was so scared to do this because the boy can really wail! but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and very quickly Travis and I saw the extreme benefits. We actually have time together, can eat together, and talk! Wow, what a concept :) Mom is way happier too- I am not completely exhausted at the end of the day! We are still flexible, but this is has been a great start!

*Oops I forgot (add to original post): He is also using his hands more. He can grab tight on your shirt, hair, or even skin you didn't think it was possible to grab onto. This has made nursing a little more interesting.

You want a picture Mom? I'll give you a picture! Huh!


Carla said...

I love hearing about all his likes and dislikes! So sweet. And I can't believe how big he is getting! Sounds like he is going to be a big boy. I miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Heidi said...

Wow Cassie he is getting so big and he is so darn cute. I would love to get together for lunch or something before I have to go back to school. We are busy next week but maybe the first week of August if it works for you. Give me a call sometime.512-573-4674

Beezer Mom said...

LOVE the pictures! Sounds like he is doing well. :) Gotta love that reflux - Austin had it too.

Kristen said...

Wow, he is growing so fast! I love all the updates! I think the little freckle above his right eyebrow is the cutest thing ever! Miss you friend!

shalonda said...

oh my word what a cute little chunky thing he is!!!! i love him! glad the exhaustion is getting better or really more managable, lol! now the real fun stuff begins!

jennymayb said...

Oh Cassie, reading that blog, I feel like I am right there with him! He is so frekin precious! I am SO happy too about your recent development of more sleep and a stricter schedule! I am SO proud of you for doing that! And of course, gotta love coaches corner once again! See you tomorrow, can't wait! : )

amber said...

My oldest has reflux and the zantac is DISGUSTING! She did get used to it after a while, though. Nathan (my baby) also is suffering from reflux, but I am postponing telling the Dr. because I know that he is going to hate the medicine. HA! I just try to keep him upright for as long as possible after meals, but he still spits up 5-6 times after eating. Nice, huh?

Love the pics!! Alex is growing so fast!! He is a cutie pie, for sure.

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!! Wow! Kate had reflux too - so sad when you have to shoot the medicine down their throats. Kate spit most of it out as well. We tried giving her a pacifier as soon as we took the dropper out of her mouth and that seemed to help her keep the medicine down. Definitley a tag team effort! Hang in there!!!

Christy :)