Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dinner AND a Movie...what a treat!

Who knew it would be such a big deal to get to go to dinner AND the movies! That used to be a weekly event! And this wasn't even in the same night but I am counting it!

It was a dream come true...Ruth came in to babysit so we could go out for our anniversary. This was our first time to leave Alex with someone else- his first babysitter! :) We are so grateful for Ruth because this was much needed! It was so nice to get dressed up, brush my hair, put on full makeup- all things of the past sadly! :) Who knew I could smell good again for longer than a minute! We had great conversation and great food- most importantly we were together and uninterrupted! It was so refreshing. We went to Cool River and it was fabulous! We never splurge like that, and we even got cheesecake for dessert just to stuff ourselves! mmmm! We weren't gone too long, but it was just long enough. It was a wonderful anniversary!

We actually wanted to use the babysitter as long as we had her so we went out on Saturday too, to the movies, to see The Dark Knight. We love going to the movies and this is something we have really been missing since Alex was born. This was a longer event so Ruth had to feed Alex a bottle, but she said it went really well. He was happy and he seemed as though he didn't even notice I was gone! ha! I did miss him terribly (I kinda wanted him to miss me!). This was the longest I had ever been away from him. It feels so good to hold and kiss him again! I am glad it went well though and we had a great time! Honey is the best and Alex loves being with her! (BTW, The Dark Knight was excellent! Five jalapeños! :) Thats the San Antonio rating my mom is always telling me that makes me laugh)

So not only did we use and abuse Ruth as babysitter, but we put her to work in the yard! She kept joking that doing yard work was the "price you pay" to get to be with Alex. Not true! :) But we are so thankful that she likes to work in the yard because we couldn't have done this project without her! We have been wanting to do this for a long time- we put in a bed and red tips along the back wall. They will hopefully grow up tall and full to help block out some of the road noise. It turned out so pretty! Travis and Ruth worked soo hard and it shows!! Thank you!

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shalonda said...

yea for dinner AND a movie!!!!! i am glad i am not the only one stinkin up my house, lol! happy anniversary hun