Thursday, July 3, 2008


Alex's Gigi (pronounced gee-gee, stands for Great Grandmother, its my mom's mom) came to visit with my parents and my brother too! I am so glad that Alex has a Gigi like I did! He actually has a great grandpa and great grandma in California too! What a lucky boy! :) We had a great day filled with lots of smiles, hugs, and kisses! Even got in a nap with Papa Wes!

Four Generations!

Papa Wes (yes, "Worlds Greatest Grandpa"- along with Grandpa Steve of course!) had to get in his play time too! It hasn't happened since week 1! Needless to say, he was dying! :)

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jennymayb said...

I can't believe how amazing your grandma looks! : ) And I LOVE this song by John Mayer Cas! I saw the Bucket List and fell in love with it on the plane! Then, after watching it, I listened to it on the plane on eternal repeat for like an hour! What a great song for little Alex! : ) Cute pics and have a wonderful 4th of July!