Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Austin Childrens Museum

Monday we ventured downtown to the Childrens Museum. They have a Baby Bloomers program on Mondays for 3 and under kiddos. We had several friends meet us down there which was really fun! The museum is so nice and has a ton of stuff to do(more for big kids, but still cool). Alex and I were both worn out by the time we left! (The actual Baby Bloomers program- storytime, song and dance, and lab- not too impressive, just fyi.)

his favorite thing in the whole place! could have stayed there for hours!
smelling spices with our friend Jack
("Dude, did you check out the chocolate?!")
my rockstar
this is our friend RJ...well, what you can see of him! ha!!

crawling through the tunnel with our friend Henrick
Alex really liked this and did it over and over for me!

painting with water
this is fun!

how does that work?


Brandy said...

We had a blast and plan on going back again Monday. Maybe I'll get the pictures off the camera and blog about it too :) Was great to see you guys :)

Kristen said...

It looks like so much fun...we'll have to try it some time!

Jenny said...

i CAN'T get over what a big boy he is! he looks so handsome in his little polo shirt!

shalonda said...

haha he has the best expressions!

Holly said...

Holy smokes! He looks so grown up. Seems like overnight, they go from being little to a toddler! Thanks for sharing the photos.