Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth Of July

We had a Festive Fourth with Family, Fajitas, Fireworks, and Fun! Last year we celebrated with Jo and Vinnie too- it was their moving in weekend! I can't believe they have been here a year!

Auntie Jo getting some good laughs on the swing! She's the best!

The Boys

At the park ready for the show! (I think I was cheering for it to was so very very hot! and even hotter when you are chasing someone around!)

Alex really liked the fireworks! He was so still sitting in my lap and had his eyes glued on the sky. He wasn't afraid of the noises and only fussed the tiniest bit when there was a dull spot in the show. I am so glad he got to see them! It was a real late night for us- normally he is in bed way earlier but he had been on a late night schedule for the last couple of nights so I just went with it so we could go. It worked out great!

AND...The Soon To Be Parents! Yep, that's right! Jo is expecting!! Baby C due in December and we are sooo excited about having a new little one in the family! Its going to be so fun! Congrats guys!!


Jenny said...

yay for joey! tell her she needs to start a baby blog herself! i want to be able to follow her pregnancy now that i am not in austin : )

Kristen said...

Yeah for fireworks...we did some at home but I bet Kenzie would have liked a show. Congrats to Jo!! I think a baby blog is a great idea :)

Brandy said...

wooohooo! glad he liked the fireworks! looks like a great time!