Friday, July 3, 2009

Swim Lessons

Here is a little bit from swim lessons. Of course this was not his best day...we were in the cold water (in stead of the warm therapy pool), there was a lot going on around us, and he is teething (hence the hand in mouth). Kinda hard to focus on swimming with all that! But I am so proud of him and he has officially graduated! :) It will always be such a precious memory for me of some special mother-son bonding.

The Class (RJ was absent that day)
practicing holding on to the side...Alex never really got that, oh well.
warming up! and waiting for mommy like a good boy!

Thanks Auntie Jo for your great camera work! :) She also took us to swim that day since my car had two flat tires!...sigh.


Brandy said...

fun! we just graduated that class a few months ago! maybe we'll be in the next class together :)

Solomon Clan said...

Alex you are such a great swimmer!

Kristen said...

Alex you are a little fish!!